Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tomorrow Is Indie Day

"Many obstacles, just like a squiggle," Hello Future by Delude.

Deep. Too deep for my understanding. lols. Seriously, go check them out.

Tonight is the night before Independence Day. So break out the flags and patriotic songs and start showing some love towards your country!

That's it kids! Wave like you mean it!

Tomorrow, all schools nationwide will be taking a day off to celebrate this particular day in history. 52 years ago on the very same day the Union Jack was lowered and the Jalur Gemilang was raised in its place, symbolizing the independence of the Malay Peninsular from the clutches of the British Colony. But you all are better versed in Malay History than I am, so I'll just leave it at that before I get something wrong.

A few months back, when I attended Biro Tata Negara, we were greeted with a movie, Hati Malaya. No introductions to facilitators or ice-breaking, or even food. The movie came first. And I could understand why.

The never-before-heard-of-by-me movie was phenomenal. This 117-minute long film recaptures the days when Malaya was still in the clutches of colonists and the struggle of our country's founding fathers in achieving Independence to this land we call our home.

I think the way they told the story through the movie was very original. We follow graphic book makers Hali, Salmi, Rafik, Ani and Ang Lee in their research for their book, "1957-Hati Malaya". Along the way, we get swept along with them, getting thrown back to the past to see the likes of Dato' Onn, Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Tunku Abdul Rahman fighting (not literally) for our independence. We get a history lesson as well as entertainment. Now that's what I call infotainment. RTM should really take some notes.

It totally beats the stuffing out of learning all that from our History textbooks. It's practically the same thing, only it focusses on the important things like how they did it, what obstacles they had to go through, why they did it, the whole shabang; not the trivial things they ask in the SPM History papers like who was standing in the 2nd row from right in the picture in page 247. I think this movie should be part of the school History curriculum as of now, to make the future generation more appreciative of what our forefathers had done during troubled times to bring freedom to our shores.

This movie made me cry like a baby. Yes, you heard right. I have a soft core inside this crunchy exterior. A scene that I don't think will ever leave me is when Tunku asks everyone in the hall for money to go to London to ask for Independence after they've been turned down at first asking. Everyone gave everything they got in support of Tunku and his crew, making it rain money. This made Tunku break down in tears as he was so touched by this act of kindness and overwhelming support. It also subsequently make me bleed out water from my eyes.

Seriously, anyone who calls themselves a Malaysian should seriously consider watching this. I strongly recommend it. It could make you cry upon hearing the national anthem being played. That certainly was the case for me..



Anonymous said...

pacekk merdeka !

anak pak man said...

nenek merdeka!! :P

Nada Syazana said...

Been wanting to watch this movie since it first came out. This is the one with Maya Karin etc kan? Heard they're showing it on Astro now. Dem. I wish I had money for Astro.

Salaam merdeka!

anak pak man said...

yeah, that's the one.. If you wanna watch it, then just steal any of ur friends' Astro la.. hehe
Salaam Merdeka!

wOrLdOfsEcReTwHisPer said...

diriku tringin nak tgok cita
1957-Hati Malaya tuu(patriotik oo driku ini,jgn men2)..
bila la dia nk wat tayangan kat astro..huu~~

anak pak man said...

Astro? entahlah saya..
Cuba cari CD cetak rompak tengok.. (xpatriotik lansung) muahahaha