Saturday, October 17, 2009

Indefinite Hiatus

"It has to be so lonely to be the only one who is holy," Playing God by Paramore.

Introduction with a few pictures of recent events:

Raya Fest '09 performance: Salam Dunia

Raya Fest '09: With Chrisblitz.

KRS Leftenan Mudas.

Kelab Siswa Budaya dinner.

So y'all must be wondering about the title huh? Yeah, I'm gonna be on blog hiatus indefinitely until further notice. It would be uncharacteristic of me to not brief you with the reason for me taking this decision, so keeping true to myself, here they are:

1. B. Ed. TESL Foundation final exams in two weeks.
This is the big one, the one that will determine if I go off down under or just stay under. Although I only have to pass to go to Australia, I can't help but feel a bit shaky coming up to this one. *sigh*

2. Blogger blocked by Websense.
The Institute thinks it would be in the best interest of the teacher trainees if they weren't on blogger, or read blogs. A few months ago, I would have cussed and sweared. Now, I'm just disappointed.

3. Writer's block still unclogged.
I'm feeling really REALLY down 'coz I STILL can't write as good as I know I'm capable of. It has dragged on into my essay writing in Language Development class, so it's worrying. Help..

So, I won't be here blog, or even read others' blogs, let alone give comments anymore. Sorry to my readers, or anyone whose lives are directly or indirectly affected by this hiatus. Life goes on.



pencari sejati said...

kerex ooo..

WiDa said...

I think, you let your mind bothered with the external factors. You know yourself what are the 'factors'. Don't think too much on the 'factors', it might cost you your life...(i mean, your exam and the results). Forget about it, for a while. When it's about time, think it back again. By that time, it might not affect your routine or your study anymore.

cik penguin said...

pity you much. *woah this is one late comment? well, i just hope that you'll start blogging very soon :) because i know that i'm very clingy towards my blog. haha. tak bole lepas!

Nada Syazana said...

Oh you'll be back after the exams are over. Have faith, bro...have faith.

Okay then, back to hitting the books! Charggggge!!!

chris federick said...

lol, i like the pic of me eating that chicken. Can't do that when seating with mr.G. Sry ya, I juz relinked u.

Max J. Potter said...

hey, hope you'll be around soon. =) i know how it not be able to blog, haha. i really do. so yeah, get all the things done, and be back asap. until then, be well.

anak pak man said...

memang aku kerex ngan hang..haha

well, we're thru it now..
looking forward to brighter days, yeah?

cik penguin,
well, we're all attached to our blogs to a certain extent no?
hehe.. thanks..

thanks for the spirit lift..

yeah, I love it too, couldn't resist putting it up.. you look so cute in it..hehe

thanks 'cher..