Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An Anecdote?

"Don't despair and never lose hope," Insya Allah by Maher Zain.

Amri stared at the heels of Yahya's shoes drearily. Bata. Why were shoes named after bricks, thought Amri to himself as Cikgu Nora was saying something on the stage from behind the rostrum. He alongside his 500-plus schoolmates has been standing at the same spot for all of 15-minutes and he is bored.

He looked to his left where Nakiah was busy jotting down whatever she was jotting down. How could you write while standing up? There's no table to put your book on, thought Amri with a look of curiosity on his face as he tried to catch a glimpse of what Nakiah was writing.

He was just about to make out the word "disiplin" when he turned his head toward the stage. Did somebody call me?

"Muhammad Amri from 3 Cemerlang will recite sifir 7 on the stage now," Cikgu Nora said in one breath while Amri took in six. Alamak.

"Muhammad Amri?" Cikgu Nora repeated.

Amri finally blinked when he got a shove from behind by Wan. Oh, I still have legs, Amri processed in his mind as he took his first steps. Sifir 7? That's the hardest one! Why couldn't it have been sifir 5 or sifir 10? Why wasn't Yahya chosen? He always got the highest in Maths. Why me? I'm not even a prefect. I didn't even wear my tie!

Before he knew it, he was already at the front of the assembly, facing his 500-plus schoolmates. When did I get this microphone?

He put the mic to his mouth and inhaled.


School experience for two weeks. Pray I make the most of it.



mahpuzah said...

salam.....hey this is good,i love it! poor amri...hahaha... you will survive dear,iam sure. all the best to you. GAMBATTE!!!

anak pak man said...

auntie mahpuzah,
Hehe, thanks auntie.. just a quickie that I wrote while in the teacher's room waiting to enter class..
Thanks again auntie.. =D