Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kenduri Di Perlis

ISo the last couple of days have been a hoot. 

"What's a hoot Anwar?"

It's uhm.. aaa.. It's like.. ahh..

Moving on. I went to Perlis for a friend's brother-in-law's wedding ceremony. It was held in one of those homes that were situated in the middle of paddy fields, so the view was great.

I went there with a group of teacher friends and their families. They brought along their children too, so that added to the joy. Being able to carry and play with fellow 8-month-olds is always fun. They get me.

The first night we came, we helped pack the doorgifts that were meant for the guests that were to arrive the next day. A teacher friend made a good point that filling bags up with water bottles, pulut and peanuts production-line-style was a job that required little thinking, which was a breathe of fresh air from our full-time jobs (teaching), which required us to think on the constant, both while in and out of class. We had fun doing it, goofing off while getting the job done.

On the actual day of the kenduri, we had little to do since most of the hard work was being done by the hired catering company. I made a (bad) joke that I couldn't tweet earlier because the phone was dead. It goes:

"What cat feeds you the most?"


Cue crickets. Aaand moving on.

After eating what was prepared at the feast, I went back home. 

I am very fortunate to have the group of teacher friends that I have now. They're a fun and kind group of people, who can get work done while having a laugh about it. I am grateful to be able to call them friends.

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