Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going Ghost and A Poem

I told you baby..” What Goes Around Comes Around by Alesana.

Salutations once again, and with this post, I break the tradition of mine which is only posting a maximum number of 5 posts per month (this is the sixth). An air of achievement fills the air as I type this down on my Acer Aspire 4715 Z notebook in Microsoft Words 2003 software. I should really get an external hard-drive, ‘coz this thing is low on memory, with all the songs and pictures and videos in it. Any ideas on what to get myself, my dear readers?

Today will be my last day staying (and wasting time) at home. This is because tomorrow, I’ll be off to IPGM Pulau Pinang Campus. I’m going back early because the next morning, I’ll be going to Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur to catch a theatre entitled “Mana Setangginya”. I’m pretty excited about this trip, because I’ll get to enter the esteemed halls of Istana Budaya, which surely beats going to the P. Ramlee Auditorium in Penang (although I can’t complain, ‘coz it’s pretty cool there too).

Another thing to look forward to is staying at IPBA. I’ve heard wonderful things about the place, and I’m quite sure it beats IPGM Pulau Pinang’s muscular (stair-climbing) backside (facilities-wise, anyway). We’ll be staying there for only one night, and without any IPBA people around, but it will still be refreshing to get a taste of how other IPGs are living.

And I also hope that we’ll be able to go out and “jalan-jalan” in KL, as I haven’t been there for ages. It feels like that anyways. I just want to feel foreign again, and I feel very foreign in KL. I don’t fit in with KL folk, thanks to my heavy Northern accent, so I’ll stick out like a chicken in a needle-stack.

Oh, and while I was just staring blankly into space before writing this post, I had an idea for a poem. I wrote it in, like, 5 minutes or so. It’s quite controversial, but when I hear controversy, I hear attention as well. Hehe. Feel free to drop a comment. You know you want to.

Tell Me “No!”

A sin you commit,

when you accept it,

the hand of farce marriage,

with nothing legal about it.

You say you're a couple,

but in sooth you're not,

not when you're lacking an akad,

and there’s still no knot.

Everybody does it!

you scream and shout,

but the truth of the matter is,

still without a shadow of a doubt.

Love is blind,

I back that quote,

closes our eyes in seeing,

what the angels had wrote.

So be angry at me,

call me non-believer,

when the fact of the matter is,

you're not that much better.


kacipcrew said...

you should get urself 1TB external hd.. but it's quite bothersome as it uses another power source.. the price around RM400+ XD .. u can store as many as "happiness" inside that thing.. oh, when speaking of "happiness" the cohort 1 guys got another interpretation :D

anak pak man said...

woah, technical much.. not sure i know what you're talking about there pd.. I'll have a survey of what stuffs i can buy.. and i can go to u guys, looking for much needed help.. thanks!

Ilyana Fauzy said...

i love ur poem. owh, sy couple but at the same tyme, it doesn't hit me hard, nearly non-existent. maybe becoz im not that type. haha.

btw, goin to Istana Budaya also and believe me, it's way cool than Auditorium P. Ramlee. Been there, been on the stage too ;)

anak pak man said...

ok! been on stage? with your violin, izit?

Nada Syazana said...

Hi-5 to the poem. And the chicken on a needle stack? Where do you get your ideas from man? It's awesome! I have faith that the children of Malaysia will benefit tremendously from an English teacher like you. Seriously.

And Alesana? Wow. You're even more hardcore than I thought.

athirah mohamed~ said...

kata ipe, kita tak jadi tido kat IPBA.. kot?
but im not pretty sure.
go and ask him then la.


and the poem?
u know u are a good poet. =D

*sila jangan kembangkan lubang hidung anda owkeh hingga ke tahap petala kelapan.


anak pak man said...

seriously? I gain inspiration from watching too many mengarut videos like "Charlie the Unicorn" on Youtube. Seriously, you should go check it out. my favourite episode is the third.
Oh yeah, Alesana did a cover of Justin Timberlake's song. Owns its ass, even though I liked the original. I'm into all sorts of music. Except rock kapak. Please, no rock kapak. NO!

really?? nak p gak!!!
I know I'm not..
I know I'm not..
I know I'm not..

FiQ said...

anak pak man,
hi,btw im the previous Faez najmuddin.. now using another id..
dunno whether u had time to catch this comment. as u you are coming today to kacipcrew had suggested 1TB external hd cost only rm329 at lowyat, in kl. find the one that carries the brand maxtor + seagate. the hard drive required external power source thought.. thats a minus point of it...why dont go to lowyatt and find all the techies wonders at lower price there.

nice poem. very spicy. sape makan cili die rase pedas.. hahaha

anak pak man said...

lowyatt huh? I'll keep that in mind.. thanks!
yeah, just a rant poem out of nowhere.. hehe
thanks again!

phytohystrix said...

much shorter,i do bear in mind. :D

nothing much,um..a brave one from ya,just the way u are.
a silent notice with a loud message.

anak pak man said...

yeah, I only hope it reaches out to people.. young and old alike..

Nada Syazana said...

Ooh, I'll give the unicorn a go...soon. Btw, I have checked out the Alesana was cool through the verse and pre-chorus, but the chorus was a, what ah...nvm.

Yea, to the shredders with rock kapak! And dangdut! Omg, my ears bleed to the sound of dangdut! Ahh! I'm pretty much a universal listener too, although I'm more rock-inclined. But screamo's an acquired taste. My ex-roomie made me download Alesana's albums, and I end up deleting every song until Apology's left. That song's awesome.

anak pak man said...

dangdut? you might as well put a gun to my head and get it over with.. *sigh* Apology kicks serious ass.. and the acoustic version is great too..
Funny story about Alesana. I hated them at first when my cousin first showed me the video of "Ambrosia" and told me to have a listen to this new "emo" band. My first impression on them was that they were a bunch of fags that didn't deserve my selective ears, so I turned down the offer while saying a bunch of things to him which shouldn't be posted here.
But then I had a listen to Ambrosia in school (I think). I even had a second listen. I was really attracted to the breakdown part of that song. It had an old school feel to it. And the lyrics are REALLY complicated, which just adds to the mystery. I'm also hooked on "congratulations, I hate you".