Monday, September 7, 2009

Tag From TQ

"Well it must be difficult being so gorgeous," Hey John, What's Your Name Again by The Devil Wears Prada.

A reminder from Mademoiselle TQ:
"i tagged u for the "lovely blog award".. have a look yep.."

And so, reluctantly, I checked it out. I was reluctant mainly (or entirely) because it was an award. I'm not that fond of awards, really. I'm fine with tags though, and because this "award" was also a tag, I decided "oh, what the heck.."

So here it is..

Lovely, huh?

So in the tag part of this "award", I have to say a few words about my tagger (TQ). So here goes..

Atiqah Musa, her real name. She was my first ever assistant when I became the Class Representative of TESL 2 in Semester 1. She's a year younger than me. Her home is in Bagan Serai. She went to MRSM Balik Pulau, so after 5 years studying in Penang, she's still here, now in IPGM Penang Campus. (Can't imagine how that feels like. You know, initially feeling that you won't be there anymore, and then you end up spending 2 and a half more years there. And 2 and a half years is a long time for any 18-year-old.) A hardworking girl, even though she doesn't like to admit it. Improving her English steadily since entering this Institute. Likes to party until the break of dawn. (Kidding)

It wouldn't be a tag without questions now would it? (As usual, they're in Malay. But TQ has very kindly translated them for me. Three cheers for TQ!)

1. Kwn2 selalu mnggelar anda? ( name gelaran anda)
Your friends always call you...? (your nickname)
-MUST this question be asked in EVERY SINGLE TAG?? I refuse to answer. (Moody much?)

2. Do you love your friends?
(Eh, wait. This question is already written in English?)
- Yeah, I love 'em! Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Monica, Joey, Rachel, I love you guys!

3. Ape yg anda thu ttg diri anda, dn kwn2 anda pn thu?
What do you know about yourself, and even your friends do?
- Now this is more like it..
- I am OKAY at rugby.
- I am the tallest person in my Cohort (Yeah, not a very tall Cohort, huh?).
- I occasionally come late to class (never intentionally, mind you).
- I like to eat.
- I have sucky handwriting.

4. Ape yg anda thu ttg diri anda, tp kwn2 anda x thu?
What do you now about yourself, but your friends don't?
- My dark past of sex, drugs and rock & roll. (Seriously?)
- I'm an insecure person on the inside.

5. Ape yg anda x thu ttg diri anda, tp kwn2 anda thu?(kwn2 anda yg bgthu)
What don't you know about yourself, but your friends do? (your friends told you) --> is this translation correct?
-I'm wierd. (Trying to live up to that statement. After all, what's normal anyways?)

6. Lagu ape yg best describekn diri anda?(sjje tny sbb minat lagu2..hehe)
What song is the best to describe you? (just asking because I like songs..hehe)
- Song? Lovegame by Lady GaGa. I go GaGa over disco sticks.

Last but not least!

Give this "Lovely Blog Award" 6 of your friends.
I choose to end this chain due to personal reasons. But I do want to tag some people. Check it:

1. Phyto Hystriuxe (Not to be mistaken with Hystrix)
2. Nada Syazana
3. Mady
4. Najwaa
5. Nuhan
6. Anyone who likes tags as much as I do.

Thanks again to TQ for the "award" and tag.



Max J. Potter said...

wah~~ dapat award ye kamu?? tahniah, tahniah! hehe.

oh a dark past~~juicy. mind sharing them in the form of fiction?

btw, ig and nina's out - drop by to catch up, k?

anak pak man said...

Thanks teach!
Bout the fiction, slowly working on it.. I'll let everyone know if I ever get inspired to write fiction.. If they're even half as good as Ig and Nina, I'll be satisfied..
Thanks for the heads up!

mademoiselle tq said...

oh, i've no idea that u're not into awards.. hehee~
hmm.. seems like you know quite much about me eh?
anyway, thanks to you too 4 answering the tag although it's done reluctantly kn.. XD

anak pak man said...

And now you know..
OK2 jea.. hehe
Thanks for giving me something to do..

mademoiselle tq said...

ur welcome.. :D

phytohystrix said...

You won't mind introducing this...Phyto Hystriuxe to me,would you? The name caused me a mere bewilderment,and...disinclination. After all,the message in my inbox and this statement in ur blog baffles me. Why again,but wait,I'm not even familiar to that name?

*stares blankly at the ceiling*

I have an evil twin?

anak pak man said...

Jangan perasan ada evil twin la wey..

phytohystrix said...

dah tu jgn dok prasan ade lg 1 hystrix. 1 cukup,ske2 je reka yg br dgn nm yg pelik nu. >_<

celup dlm kolam milo br tau. keke

anak pak man said...

Mana ada lagi satu hystrix.. Aku xpenah cakap pown.. Celup laa.. Xkesian kat aku dah.. huhu

phytohystrix said...

Now that's more like it! Of course I pity u,pic. That's why I chose milo. Don't u like it? It's ur favourite drink, XD

anak pak man said...

I don't think it'll still be my favourite after getting dipped in it..

phytohystrix said...

Then it'll be my favourite,


anak pak man said...

Good for u then..

Nada Syazana said...

Tergamam melihat namaku dieja penuh! Haha. Nada cukup, bro. Thanks for the tag. Now I have something to post! Muahaha.

anak pak man said...

Saja menulis panjang2 skit bg nmpak mcm ada point.. hehe.. Ur welcome..

nuhan said...

er..i hate tag lah..

anak pak man said...

I;m not putting a gun to ur head,,

nuhan said...


wOrLdOfsEcReTwHisPer said...

ehehe..terkezut tgok namaku
ada di situ..ahaha..
nnti ku balas yer anwar,ngee..