Monday, January 25, 2010

Blood Donating

"I was made of poison and blood," 21st Century Breakdown by Green Day.

Is fun!

Ignore the person in obviously made-up pain above.

Last week the nice people from the Penang Health Ministry (I think) came to suck the blood from all us teachers-to-be in IPG KPP. And the turn-out was more than expected.

I skipped class to do this (noble?) deed. Of course, losing my blood-donating virginity didn't come with my its fair share of complications.

So after I registered and checked my blood type (B-positive!) and checked my blood-haemoglobin levels (14.4?) and also my blood pressure (a healthy 120/80), I got my gear and waited in line.

With my spare time, I went around to my other friends' beds and recited Yaasin to them. They sure were freaked out.

Then it was my turn. My nurse told me to relax while she (expertly?) inserted the syringe into my arm.

I didn't pass out, ok?

Then, disturbers-of-peace came out of nowhere to give me much needed "encouragement" in the form of cam-whoring around me.

Other hand still ok to cam-whore.

Those nice people got my mind of the needle for a while (although it wasn't that painful, really). But then our lovely nurse trying to get my blood to come out. Asides being B-positive, it's also the shy type, my blood. (Unlike the owner of the blood.)

The nurse tried adjusting the needle several times to encourage blood flow, but my blood just wouldn't come out. (Too thick, the nurse said.) But then, the nurse also gave words of comfort to me, saying that this wasn't uncommon among blood-donating virgins like myself.

It took all of 15-minutes to extract a little over 100 grams of blood from me (the others bled out 450 g's in less than 5 minutes). Then my vein swelled up and the needle had to be extracted. And that was the end of that.

I felt a little bad that I wasn't able to donate the full 450 g's, but as the Malays say, nak wat camana kan? (what to do?)

I'm looking forward to donating again in the near future if the opportunity presents itself.

I would like to thank Kak Wani for snapping the pics of my virginity loss, and all the others that came and gave support to me. Thank you so much!



phytohystrix said...


not suitable fer us vampires, we'd certainly leave yer humans wif clotted blood by the freakin' road. aye,we'd certainly leave for another soul.

anak pak man said...

since when did u become a Mississippi version of edward cullen?

WiDa said...
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Nada Syazana said...

Lol! You a ho now, ex-virgin! I'll take that Jonas Brothers purity ring back, thank you very much.

Btw, you have really good Hb & blood pressure readings. And it's extremely noble of you to donate's hand-in-hand with saving a life. Well done!

anak pak man said...

dang! i was hoping i would be able to keep that thing.. you know, sentimental value n stuff..

thanks, btw.. (terasa mulia seketika)


Nada Syazana said...

Well I'm sorry for taking it back. If you ain't pure, you ain't Disney. That's how it goes. Haha.

No problem. Though it should be me thanking you. Hell, the whole nation should be thanking all who donate blood.

anak pak man said...

so i guess i'm now HBO material?

Yeah, blood donaters rule!
(excuse the so 90's lame-ness)