Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Contemplating Dimensions And Quantum-ness

So today was great. I had an interview session in which I squeezed in a half-verse of rap, went to a meeting talking about some exciting new things that might happen in the not-so-distant future, hopefully. And I got to reflect upon how small and weak we are as human beings with the bestfriend.

Did you know (and I'm sure you do) that even though we're physically three-dimensional, we see in two-dimensions? Like when we see a car from the back, we can only see the back of said car. We can't (simultaneously) see both it's sides and it's front all at once. We'd have to more around and change our view in order to see those other sides, and one (or two, at most) at a time, and we can't go beyond that (unless you put a mirror somewhere there, but then again, the image on the mirror is also two-dimensional, so yeah).

This revelation by the bestfriend made me feel so small and weak, like, I'm a human, and as perfect as I tend to think I am, I can only see in 2D. I can only be in 3D, not see.

And this feeling of inferiority was only enhanced when we later talked about the Fermi Paradox (you and I should google that) and how it is very possible that for each grain of sand on all of Earth, there is another Earth out there in the universe (because it's just THAT vast), and how only 5% of the universe is observable, and how small we are as individual human beings when compared to a whole town, whole state, whole country, whole continent, whole planet, whole solar system, whole Milky Way, in comparison to the whole universe (that only makes up about 5% of existence). 

How do you not feel like even less than a speck of dust on the vast, vast windshield of life? How is existing significant? How do we bring meaning to ourselves and all the things that we hold dear to us? These are questions for everyone to dwell upon, and that pursuit has to bring some kind of meaning, no? 

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The Girl said...

Assalamualaikum #IniAnwarHadi
So , tonight I just wanna ask a question , it's about every female's major problem ...
I do have many male cousins & how should I start to cover my aurah in front of them since we have assumed each other as our siblings ...
I cover my aurah in front of everyone EXCEPT in front of my family (including cousins and uncles). So , it's gonna be a BIG PROBLEM for me if they feel strange or awkward seeing me wearing the hijab 24/7 .Plus, it would be difficult for me when the eid comes , because we gotta stay together in the same house (in my hometown)...
So, with ur wise words,do you have anything to say about my problem,so that you could share with other women out there ?