Tuesday, January 17, 2017

People Still Blog?

So about a week ago (week ago) a friend asked me if I was writing anything new, so I told him that I was writing semi-consistently on my blog, and the friend said, "wait, people still blog?" and I was like, yeah no, most don't anymore, I suppose, but it's a place I go to get me writing, so I do it for that.

Although it has to be said that I cannot empirically prove my answer because I just don't and never had the interest to research this question. The basis of my assumption comes from the lack of updates from the bloggers I used to read consistently. Some still do update from time to time, but I have to admit that the number of updates have dwindled significantly.

A reason for this could be the availability and the simplicity of facebook status updates. Why write on a website and post a link to that website to share it with friends when one could just make the piece of writing available to friends where they already are, right? The influx of wordy facebook status updates strengthens this thesis of mine.

Plus, writing on a blog is less gratifying because of the lack of the "like" function which is available to facebook users. So when one writes on the blog of blogspot, one gets little to no acknowledgement from the people that read them, unless of course those people choose to leave a comment. The comment section of the facebook page also looks more accessible and easy to use than blogger's, so it's no surprise then that writing on facebook becomes more attractive.

But I guess I like writing on blogger precisely because of those reasons. It makes me feel like I'm a hipster, in the sense that I don't do what everybody else is doing and am doing what so few are engaging in. I also appreciate those that come here to read a lot more, even if they do so silently without leaving a trace. People that take the effort to come here and read what I have to say show more sincerity in their interest in what I have to say, so I appreciate that a lot.

I also like writing here because I feel like I'm freer to let loose all of what goes through my brain as they go through it. Seldom is my writing here cohesive and it's almost never proof-read. What I get to read on this blog is a representation of what's going on in my head as closely as I can get it on paper without being a big pile of gibberish.

So here's to blogspot for still being a thing.


Nur Aimi Nabilah said...

Keep on writing :D

shafiqsunazman said...

it has been years I didn't blog,still thinking of what to write down on my blog

afifah said...

geez, i'm a hipster now. haha. but alas, here's to blogspot still a thing

Hana said...

I love reading ur blog. It has helped me a lot on developing my reading habits especially when I do not have the mood on reading a book. Nowadays its quite hard to find someone that regularly writes such an inspiring and mind opening blog, kudos to you fr keeping this blog alive. Keep it up. May Allah bless.