Sunday, April 5, 2015

Loudly Curious

A friend commented about me the other day that I was "loudly curious". They added that that was one of the things that they liked about me. Now, whenever someone says they like you, for whatever reason, and if you feel that they were being honest, you blush. At least I did. And I said thank you. 

I've always known I was a "loudly curious" kind of guy, but that friend put those words together, and when he said them, it made sense. I like that phrase now. Loudly curious.

To me, what it means is that whenever I have a question about something, anything, I ask it, usually out loud to anyone around me. If the people around me cannot give me any good answers, I'd resort to asking strangers on the internet. And there are many instances of me doing just that, whether through videos or through twitter. I tried through facebook, but I've never gotten much of an answer there, so I just stick to twitter nowadays.

But I can see the merits of being a loudly curious person. You're firstly aware that you don't know stuff, and you actively seek answers to the questions in your head. It also shows that your mind is at work, asking questions, trying to figure things out. You're also a person who likes to listen, since in your pursuit of these answers, you're looking for someone, anyone with a potential answer, so you'll be more likely to allow them the space to give you the answer rather than to cut them off and give your version of the answer, since you don't even have a good answer yourself in the first place.

I am aware that there can also be some dangers to being loudly curious. You might ask a question that makes people uncomfortable, thus repelling them from you. You might also ask some questions that end you up in hot soup *coughcough government coughcough sedition*. People might also be generally annoyed by you and your constant questions. For some, hanging out should be a time of leisure and rest, not intellectual strain.

But overall, I'm glad I'm seen by that person as a loudly curious person. I think the pros outweigh the cons. I might be wrong, but I don't really mind. They might have meant something completely different, though. In which case, I am still inclined to like their explanation of the phrase.

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