Saturday, February 6, 2016

Just Three Words

So there's this one sentence that I say in the latest video I posted on Youtube (which you may watch here: ) which goes something like, "Do the smallest thing I can do to contribute towards achieving a set goal, even if it's just three words to post on the blog. No task is too small in working towards a goal."

And even though I do believe that, and in an ideal world, that's exactly what I do, we're not living in an ideal world, and more often than not I succumb to the parts of myself that just wants to not do stuff and waste time and sleep.

Some would describe these urges to be unproductive as "bisikan syaitan" so that there's something external that we can point towards and blame. But really, even if by that logic, the one that will be facing punishment for listening to said whispers will be ourselves, really. Them syaitans were just doing their job. And in listening and succumbing to their invitations, we put ourselves at fault.

Even with this blogpost that I'm writing right now, I almost didn't do it. I was telling myself "agh, aku nak tuleh tapi aku takdak topik apa pun nak tuleh. Otak takleh nak jalan malam ni. Tak payah tuleh la senang."

But then I was reminded of my own video, and told myself "just three words". And now I'm here, typing this out for anyone willing to read, and more importantly, for myself.

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