Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Even If It's 3 Sentences

Another piece of advice from one of the people that came to the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fest to get their book signed by yours truly: Continue writing, even if it is just three sentences a day. Just don't stop writing.

It was given to me by a younger-than-me-looking bro. I was all like, yo, this dude got some writer-wisdom in his marrows, dawg. But of course, that was what only went through my mind. What went through my mouth was, yeah, I should do that, shouldn't I? Thank you!

As I've said before, my leniency towards myself when it comes to writing is not helping me become a better writer, nor a better person for that matter. I appreciate that bro's piece of advice very much, because it also made me realise that lately, I've been putting pressure on myself to write more in each post, too. I went from putting a loose minimum word count of 300 words per entry, to 500, then 600, then 800 real quick.

Because I had that number in mind, I guess I deterred myself from writing because I was pushing myself to write a whole lot, even when I didn't have that much to say. So when I had too little to say (maybe just 200 words), then I'd put off doing it until I eventually just don't. It also affects me in terms of mental preparation for it too. Like, if I already set in my mind that I wanted to write 800 words, then I'd have to allocate enough time for that (usually anywhere between one to two hours). That's a lot of time, time that my lazy self would much prefer spend on watching Youtube videos pointlessly and eventually sleeping.

If I were to keep in mind that all I had to do was write, even if it were just a little bit, then I'd get a lot more done. So thanks again kind bro, for giving me that piece of advice. It takes an unnecessary load off my shoulders, and I'm very grateful to have it removed (even if for just a little while).

He was also kind enough to tell me that my writing has been improving as of late. For that too, I thank you very much. I surely hope so.

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NZ22 said...

yes, continue writing because people are looking forward to your writing