Thursday, May 7, 2015

No Single Piece Defines A Whole Person

I did it again, didn't I? Right after I post about wanting, needing to write everyday and specifying that I didn't even need to write a whole lot in one go, what do I do immediately afterwards? I don't write anything for the whole day. Great, Anwar. Just. Great.

To my defence though (here we go), I did stay up quite significantly past my bedtime firstly hanging out with the youngest brother watching Age of Ultron (I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. Age of Ultron, not my brother. I like my brother too. Sometimes. JK. Most times.), and then having a lengthy and interesting discussion with the best friend about the latest issue of the day: pedophilia. There's no 'a' in that word, believe it or not.

And just prior to writing this entry, I read an internet article pertaining to pedophilia, courtesy of a person I follow on Twitter. The title of the article is "You're 16. You're A Pedophile. You Don't Want To Hurt Anyone. What Do You Do Now?" It's an amazing article, and I recommend anyone and everyone with an open mind and empathy in their souls to have a read. Click here to open the article in a new tab. 

What struck me while reading the article was how similar some of the things that were said in the article were with the points raised by the discussion I had with the best friend. 

I loved how the writer of the article chose to end the piece, by saying that people were puzzles made up of a lot of different pieces. No single piece defines the person. It's the combination of those pieces, good and bad, that make up a whole person. I think in our passion and emotional attachments to certain issues, we tend to forget that. But of course, I can only imagine the pain and agony a sick person has to go through their lives, and I hope the best for them in their struggle to not hurt anyone else, even at the cost of hurting themselves.

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Bedaduz said...

i wrote about the same issue. would love it if you could read my take on the issue