Thursday, January 29, 2009

Breakfast Bujang Style

How long, how looong will I slide?
Separate my siiiiiiide..
I don't, I don't believe its faaaaaate..
Slittin' my throat is all I ever..
_RHCP-How Long_

Listening to the song above brings back empty memories.. haaaiih.. oh well, back to this post, I'm gonna tell you guyz how I typically have my breakfast here in Harvard Golf and Country Club, Bedong.. Enjoy!

Wake up in the morning, mengeliat a few times, then get up from bed.
My bed:

usually i wake up at about 11 something or noon. Then I take a shower and then take my "breakfast".

Firstly, prepare the vital ingredients. Bread, goat testicle jam, and elephant liver margarine. (The bread may be toasted or not, whichever turns you on.)

Secondly, apply the jam and margarine on two separate pieces of bread like so:

Finally, join those two pieces of bread together and consume. MmmmMmmm~~

(Repeat if necessary.)


pencari sejati said...

x grand langsung la beb..

anak pak man said...

besa la..
orang xensem mana layak makan grand2 macam orang had ensem2.. huhu

wOrLdOfsEcReTwHisPer said...

wek..apa ni nwar..
goat testicle jam???huhu...

HoNeYsaH said...

how it taste??
bread wif goat testicle jam??

anak pak man said...

sedap KOT!!
xnampak muka nikmat dunia terpancar kat muka?