Monday, January 26, 2009

A Changed Man

I am black. Not figuratively. Quite literally. I’m black.
Trust me, if you plan on keeping your skin fair and lovely, don’t be involved in outdoor sports. Frickin’ scorchin’ man!
Ah, back to the USm 10’s, we lost to RAMD Ipoh in the quarterfinals. I got punched in the throat, making breathing a chore rather than an unnoticed action. We ended up losing in the final of the Plate category to Poli Shah Alam, 3 tries to 1, I think. In that game, I was forced to play out of position in outside centre, and I got a “reward” for my debut as a centre too. I dummy scissored with my wing, expecting the other winger to be duped, but I was wrong. Oh how I was wrong. So wrong! He was targeting me from the start and he tackled me hard, not unlike a Jerry Collins tackle. I injured my back, got a concussion for my troubles. They said I didn’t pass out, but I don’t remember any of the things the tell me. I was awoken by 20 cents on the ground while I was being carried to the physio tent. Still have a bit of a headache and a lot of trouble bending over as my back REALLY hurts!!
One of the things that I realized within the Penang Team was that they take losing very positively. They don’t put pressure on their mates and just laugh about everything. They’re great. This atmosphere was quite awesome, but I guess it comes with playing in a low-expectation team. They say “Kita main suka-suka sudahla, xpayah amek siries sangat.” That is definitely new to me. I guess it comes with playing in high-expectation teams. Haih..
I didn’t stick around for the prize giving ceremony as my ride was waiting. Sayoq was the one to take me home, but not after stopping over to Fared Ya’s older brother’s fiancé’s house for a kenduri. We (the Kuala Muda team and me) arrived at 8.30 pm at Kampung Sungai Bakar. We were treated to a delicious range of kenduri food. We ate like pigs, mostly because we were hungry like wolves. We all skipped lunch that day as we had games to play and had no time to. Because we had to duduk bersila, sitting was excruciating for me. Even reaching for lauk seemed like a reach for burning firewood coz of my back. But I got to eat till I was full, Alhamdulillah. Mesti ada hikmah ni Anwat, so sabaq jala..
After saying goodbye to all of the Kuala Muda team, Sayoq, Jat and me proceeded in Sayoq’s Mom’s Myvi to Sungai Petani. I dozed off and before I knew it, we were already at Jat’s house dropping him off. Then I slipped away again, and we arrived at the Gurun Toll Plaza. I said goodbye and thanks to Sayoq for dropping me off and offered him to stay at my house for the night, but he declined. “Tak mengantok lagi” he said. But I was. Salamed my parents and brothers and crashed upon arrival.
Last night was the first night that I was able to sleep for more than 9 hours in weeks (Tolak masa sembahyang Subuh la.. Mana bleh miss..) Back still hurts. Later the family will be going to Alor Star and I will have to follow. Haih, baru ingat nak rest arini. Never mind. I haven’t been to AS for a long time. I’ll take my back injury with me (as if I could leave it behind).
Painkillers anyone?

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