Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Day In A Tire

Today was tiring. After only 3 hours of sleep last night, I headed to USM Transkerian riding with Abang Lan. Waking Sayoq up was a pain, but he woke up eventually, after being sprayed with water. Haha, padan muka!

They went a little later than me, coz I had to hurry as Abang Lan was already waiting for me when Sayoq just woke up. I provided them with the directions to USM. We got there at about 8-ish and Sayoq arrived about 15 minutes after. Our first game, as it turned out, was scheduled at 11 o’clock, so we had a few hours to burn before we actually played. Penang Barbarians was the team name, and the players are effin funny! They’re actually not as bad as I expected. They’re good people. The Kuala Muda team had a lot of my schoolmates, so I wasn’t lonely there. Ha, the Barbarians made me captain for some reason. Maybe it was because they thought I was fit enough to last the 15-minute games. Good joke huh? First game against STAROBA, I played like shit, panting harder than a dog on heat, and I brought myself out of the game 5 minutes before the end. I got hit hard, and felt senak. And rrreeaaally unfit. Luckily, we won 2 tries against 1, even though the ref was a wanker when it came to rugby. Maybe he was new to the sport?

Second game was scheduled to be played at 3, so we ate lunch at about 1 or somewhere around that time. I really don’t get sportsmen who are at the same time smokers. 5 minutes after panting their tongues out on the field, they have the cheek to breathe in contaminated gases and smoke into their tired lungs. Tak mati ka? So the next game, against RAM Sg. Ara, some military team. We played much better in this game and I felt myself again on the field. I even converted a try. No try yet. Maybe tomorrow? InsyaAllah. We won 5 tries to none, I think. You know bout my memory. Short Term Memory Loss (STML). Speaking about TMLs, HTML Rulez Dood by Devil Wears Prada is a damn great song you could bang your head to. The intro is enough to make you want to mosh on your own in the car.

Back to rugby, we were supposed to play UITM Arau later that day, but they didn’t show up, so we ended up winning on default. I’m staying in USM for the night with the Kuala Muda gang. We are sleeping in the study rooms. The mattresses are like half-an-inch thick, so I’m expecting an uncomfortable night. Oh yeah, one more thing. My left calf muscle feels like its gonna pull at any moment. Sakit dowh syialll!!

Eat cereal!

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