Saturday, January 24, 2009

CNY Break Is Here! Yay?

bla bla bla bla bla bla..
Are you paying attention now? Good. We've got the whole week off, so a lot of people,including my roommate,Mesow, has gone back to their homes to spend time with their families. I personally can't wait to get home myself, as I haven't s seen my family in 3 weeks straight. (Fuhh, rekod tu!) I totally miss them. But I still have a tourney to play with Penang Blues, so I can't go home just yet.

Right now, Sayoq and Jat from the Law Foundation Course in UITM Kedah are sleeping soundly in Mesow's bed. I should join in their slumber party soon enough. I have invited Sayoq over to came play with me, but it turns out he will be playing forKuala Muda. :( . But that's alright, I still get to play. As for Jat, he just tagged along with Sayoq to keep him company. I thought of putting their pictures here, but afer a few trials and errors, I decided, ah! To heck with it! huhu.

By the way, my lips are so dry, they're bleeding. Cheers!

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EL90 said...

hahah no wonder u asked me how to post picture...kue2....funny la you....dun give up trying...sonang je ah....try n error... :D