Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ours and Theirs

Khutbah Jumaats are something I look forward to. They give me the weekly “sounding” I need to live a good life. But a lot of the times, I nod off. Saddening. It’s not that I intend to sleep (most of the time), but I get tired from the classes in the morning till noon, so it’s only natural for me to be taken away by my dreams, right? But not this time. Madam Patricia dismissed the class an hour early (I’m not quite sure why, coz I was busy typing my previous post. :p) so I had time to catch up on my snooze time before I went off to Masjid Jamek Sg. Gelugor. The Khatib delivered a solid speech and the message that he was trying to give was well received by those who were awake. I forgot a few things though, as my memory again fails to back me up. But a line sticks out from the rest. “Kita mampu membeli Dunhill RM9.00, tapi kenapa kita hanya sanggup menyumbangkan RM1.00 bagi saudara-saudara Islam kita yang menderita di Palestin?”. I remember thinking to myself, thank God I don’t smoke! Hehe. But seriously, why can’t we give more when we’re fully capable of doing just that, to help our own brothers and sisters who are in pain and suffering? When we can afford to give RM100, why do we decide to spend RM99 of it on personal wants? What is so wrong with putting other people’s sufferings ahead of our own glutton? I leave you with that thought.

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