Saturday, May 7, 2011


"I'll be on your side forevermore," That's What Friends Are For by Stevie Wonder, Dione Warwick and Elton John.

Yup. Birthdays. The anniversary of you coming into the world.

Typically, on this joyous and special day, most of us would expect people to flood our Facebook walls with happy birthday wishes, some birthday wish text messages, cake, presents, food and some more cake. The day would be all about the person who was born on that day.

That's what most of us would expect. Admit it, if not one person wished you "happy birthday" on your birthday, you would get pretty pissed (or really sad, depending on what kind of person you are). If your boyfriend didn't remember your birthday, it would be a good enough reason for you to break up with him. If not one person posted a "HB :D" on your wall (because you decided to test your friends by not revealing your birth date on your profile), in the middle of the night, you would post a status along the lines of "Thanks A LOT guys. Now I know how much I'm appreciated. Don't bother saying sorry to me tomorrow. You're all dead to me." Or something like that.

But let's take a step back and think about this for a second people. Shouldn't anniversary celebrations be about our victories or past achievements? Don't we celebrate Merdeka Day to remember the past struggles of our forefathers in gaining our independence? When we were born, what did we achieve? What did we do that was SO important that it had to be remembered year after year? What did we do on that day that deserved , even demanded annual congratulatory wishes from others?
Isn't the most deserved person to be celebrated during our birthday is the "heroine" herself? The one who struggled for 9 months and 10 days with the extra 'luggage' in her tummy, yeah, her. The person who cheated death while delivering the baby. The one who suffered bruises and cuts just to make sure that her labour of love see the light 'at the end of the tunnel'. Even if the doctor delivering the baby asks her "Ma'am, the situation is critical. We can only either save the baby or save the mother. Whom might we choose, Ma'am?" and without even a pause to think she would answer "SAVE MY BABY PLEASE!!". Isn't this is the real "heroine"? Don't you think that we should remember her the most each time our birthday comes a calling? Doesn't SHE deserves our accolades the most?

So, if our next birthday comes by, (note that it's an "if", not a "when") instead of asking her for gifts or treats at the nearest Resipi Rahsia or Market Ikan Manhattan, stop to think about it. Who is the most deserving person to receive a gift? Who should be given a cake and treated to their favourite meal instead?

Let's think about it.

May peace be upon you.