Saturday, January 31, 2009

Swindle Me Baby

Anyone? ANYONE??

The Swindles are a very new indie rock band playing Punk Rock, much like the ones we used to hear in the yesteryears, like The Sex Pistols and The Ramones. They consist of 4 teenagers who have yet to finish Secondary School. They are 17-year-olds Boy (Vocals + 2nd guitar) and Thorix (1st guitar), and 15-year-olds Pit Tome (Bass) and Omaq (Drums). Thorix and Pit Tome are currently studying in Sultan Abdul Hamid College in Alor Star whereas Boy is studying in SMK Ibrahim in Sungai Petani. Omaq is also based in Sungai Petani, but is currently studying in SMK Khir Johari (KJ).
Boy and Thorix started the band from their younger days while Boy was still studying in Alor Star, having high hopes of someday achieving rockstar status. After Boy moved to Sg. Petani, he met up with Omaq, formerly of SMK Ibrahim, and they recruited Pit Tome from SAHC to play bass, completing the band line-up. They jammed together as a band just twice before deciding to compose their own songs and present them to the world.
Upon listening to the songs, I can't help but notice fundamental weaknesses in their songs, namely bad tempo keeping as well as bad vocal presentation. Maybe it was the jitters of recording for the first time, but that is no excuse for a band that has made a commitment to recording their songs. They should at least have the sense of getting it right first, vocals, drums and all and there shouldn't have been so many mistakes in the recording session. Very disappointing, I would say. Although they have good potential, too many flaws cover up the good aspects of their music. I would recommend they get a new vocalist who can actually sing, or at least get it right in the studio. As for the drumming, I would propose using a metronome to get your timing correct. All the best to this new and aspiring punk rock outfit, may you go on to be the best rockstars you guys can be.

Here's thier myspace page for you peepz to go check out:


WHY?? is indeed the question..
I've been reading other people's blogs and I've noticed that most of my fellow bloggers write about some pretty depressing stuff.. You know.. About lost love, hurt feelings, angst, anger, annoyance and all that hooblah..Yeah I'm still new and everything, but..
WHY can't we write about the good stuff? WHY can't we look at our lives more positively? WHY do we vent out at people in blogs, where those people will have a very very slim chance of coming across that post in the first place? WHY don't we confront our problems in real life, rather than puke it all out here where it can solve nothing? WHY do you make us unsuspecting readers (me included of course) feel guilty over something we didn't even do, just by reading your unspecified rant?
I made this blogg to entertain and to share, and I hope I will keep on doing just that. Let's just hope I don't turn into a sourpuss like the ones I've mentioned above yeah?
eh, aku pon dah jadi depresant seperti di atas! Apa yang aku dok tuleh neh??

I guess blogs were meant to be written like this..
Up mine! haha

Friday, January 30, 2009

Day With Relatives

Kan ku berikan semua..
-Aku Scandal by Hujan-

One of their songs that I disliked in the beginning, but loved it after they re-recorded it. hehe. My cousins from Alor Star(Mama n Papa n Da Gang) have come here in our humble abode to stay for the night, so I decided to give them a good time. here's the juice-->

Woke up at 10.45-ish after sleeping at 3.30am in the morning yesterday night, doing nothing but surfing and reading Dotagaki Domain..agak bes blog itu. Then, while I was having my breakfast, they came! A surprise for me, as I didn't know they were coming, but my parents dok wat rilek jah, coz they knew we were getting company today. A heads-up would have been great Mak.. haih..
So we hung around the house until Friday prayers. The khutbah, to me, was uninspiring, and the Khatib didn't deliver the text with enough heart. He just read it. Come on, even I can read. (Ish3, pa ni dok ngutuk Khatib plak neh??)
After prayers, Mama asked us to drive to the store and get some eggs and butter for baking a cake. huh, peluang nak drive! So the four of us (Jart, Mee, Boy n me) went to all the way to Aneka Gurun to get the stuff that we could have easily acquired at Bedong which was much closer. hehe, gatai nak bawak jauh2!

"Jom2! P Aneka!"

"Umph! Sat ah!"

"Bila nak p neh? Tunggu lama dah ni.." -Jart

Muka lepas gian bawak kreta..haha

After retrieving all the sacred ingredients, I looked on as they prepared for baking.

The recipe!

The sacred ingredients acquired from Aneka!!

The ever-so-talented chefs!

The process!!

As overwhelmingly exciting as it all may have seemed, I got bored, so I took the boys out for another joyride to Sungai Petani. Woohoo!!

Sonok nampak bleh p jalan2..hehe

"Alamak! Bedong pon ada jam ka??"

We first went to Village Mall to release some stress by what else, but by karaoke-ing!! haha!

Village Mall Yay!!

"Isk, bukan ampa da duit pon nak beli!"

Passed by some break-dancing folk..Bajet cool la tu..SP ja pon wey! haha

Dan lagi nak bergambo kat sni..haih..

The Escelators(Indie Band)

Finally, we get to my destination of the day..K-Box! ( at least I think that's the name)

Cari booth kosong..

"Enjoy!!!" (tapi awat muka macam xenjoy ja? gelap kot..)

I sang 2 songs only.. (No money maa).. Generasiku by OAG and also a song by Nidji..(forgot the title already..)huhu

"Xpueh lansung!"

Oh well.. Spotted a pair of HOT hotpants though..

Didn't buy them though.. I felt like keeping my dignity that day..
When it was time for Asar prayers, we made our way to the Surau..

"Ha,tu pon dia surau! Tersembunyi ngat aih! "

"Kami budak baik..baik ka?"

After we were done with those formalities, tunggu pa lagi? P tengok gig ah! Wooohooo!!!

eh, only a kid on stage doing power rangers poses?? aww, dangit!! I want my money back!!!
We then took a look-see into the magical world of Nash doughnuts store, where there are an abundance of strange and mystical doughnuts await, sure to make your mouth water..

Ooooh~ Aaaaah~
Of course, being short on dough means nough doughnuts fough yough brough.. :((

We set off to the car with heavy-hearts reluctant to leave the Nash's without purchasing even one delectable delight..
Then boy voiced out an inspired suggestion..

"Weh, jom p umah Omaq!" -Boy
"Jom!!"-the rest

So off we went!

We're here!


"Testing skit.." Boy

"Ampa dua tengok jala noh?"

"Jam!" (Omaq is the one on drums)

After making too much noise, the neighbours got angry and shouted unpostable words at us. Thus, like any other teenagers would, we decided to flee from the scene of the noise, putting the blame on Omaq alone..

"Wey, xkan ampa nak tinggai aku kot? Mampuih satgi aku kena tibai ngan jiran.." Omaq

We drove (I drove) as fast as we could back home, not wanting to miss out on the cake that was left for Na to bake earlier.. I hit 140km/h for the first time in my short driving life..

When we arrived home, all that was left was:

So we made it look like this:

Nak lagi kek!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

so what's the plan now?
-opening line of the song "Permission" by Yuna-

The song above is a DAMN GOOD song. Yuna never fails to mesmerize me with her fantastic singing. I'm thinking of doing of a cover of one of her songs for TESL Idol, but I know I won't be able to do any of her songs any justice, so tak payah la kot. hehe.

Back to this post, here's the scoop for yesterday's activities for the Noor family.

"Boy!! Bangun kaih! Lunch!"
"umph! Sat ah!!"

So we had our lunch about an hour after Zohor prayers.

Our lunch:

Sup ayam, Sambal ikan bilis, kacang panjang and ikan goreng.. With Rice of course..Yumyum!!

Then we lepaked around the house for a while before we went out to go for rugby training at SMK Ibrahim (Boy and Aiman's school).

"Jom p training Boy!"

"Umph! Sat ah!!"





So after training, at about 6.30pm or something like that, we (the whole family + Pan, our cousin) went to Tesco Sungai Petani. Yeah, we're supposed to be boycotting, but there were not and are not any alternative, so we HAD to.

Wah3, Happy Family siot! haha.. Some pix..


Effin expensive!!

Ainul and Aiman xabeh2 ngan cereal. Xbleh beli!! haha

"Mak, bila nak balik?"

Pay up time.. Luckily, we didn't have to wait in line for long..

Thankz kak!

We were the last customers before the counter closed. Alhamdulillah!

We also met a local celebrity. Winner of some contest, I think..

He's got the vest on and everything.. I wonder how I can enter a queue contest?

The cutest couple:

Then Mak had some stuff to look at, so we waited at the local MPH bookstore.
This caught my eye, but not my heart, or my wallet:

A book that I've seen the video. Damn good "Secret"!

OMG!!! Sudoku!!!

Let's take a look-see, shall we?

hah? Don't get it.. :s

Then it was time to go home..
"Boy, jom balek!"

"Umph! Sat ah!"

Did I forget something?

LDS work: "isk3.. T.T"