Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blog Post Title Here








Inspiring opening scene, don't you think? Deep stuff......

Back to this blog, you must be wondering "hey, what's up with the title?"


well, to be perfectly honest with you, I don't know either..So lu pikir la sniri!

This is my first post in, like, FOREVER!!

you must be wondering why, right? (to which, the answer would most probably be a resounding, "Nobody gives a tuuudt!")

well, to answer that rhetorical question given to myself, I really don't have the zeal I once had to pour my heart out in this blog anymore.. Mostly because of impossible connections at my Institute (Damn you IPGM Kampus Persekutuan!!!).


1. Getting broadband.

No money lorh~

2. Wimax.

Hmm, the speed seems awfully slow. I'll wait and see..

3. Don't give a rat's ass..

But I don't want to be regarded as those hangat2 tahi ayam people..

So, for now, I'll stick with my fourth option, which is

4. Post only when you go back home where there's streamyx.

Home really is where the heart is..

therefore, you readers can expect a post from me every two weeks or so for the time being..

*Awwwwww* :'(

Yeah2, I know it's saddening. It's tearing me apart on the inside too. (Cuit, prasan..)

So, for now, as TQ put it so well in her JPP campaign that led to her loss,

"Hakuna Matata!"

Monday, February 9, 2009

Down Under

hack! hack!
I hate getting a runny nose.. first of all, your nose runs. (duh!) then because of that, you can't breathe out of your nose, so i'm breathing through my mouth, which is so uncool. i feel like a dog panting without sticking its tongue out because that dog thinks its a human being. haih..

Currently studying up on Perth, Australia. For Numerical Literacy, we need to plan a trip to a destination of our choice. we chose perth because i pronounced t in a funny way (good enough reason no?) Pe(r)th! haha! (Haram tak lawak pon)


See that red dot? That's where Perth is..

An interesting piece of info that I found out is that of the city's occupants, there are 18,993 Malaysians living there, making the third most abundant (is that the right choice of word?) overseas occupants living there, behind the UK (171,024) and New Zealand (34,661). These were the stats taken from the year 2006. Thank you Wikipedia!

Another interesting piece of trivia regarding Perth that i found was that Perth is one of the most isolated metropolitan areas on Earth. The nearest city to Perth with a population over 1 million is Adelaide in Southe Australia, which is 2,104 kilometres (1,307 mi) away. Perth is geographically closer to Singapore and Jakarta than it is to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. (Fuh, Kena pulau dowh! haha)

I leave you with some Perth sceneries..

Itik pulang tengah hari..

Aerial strike!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Am I Getting Lazier?

F*ck NO!

I was already lazy upon exiting my mother’s womb and entering this two-star world we live in, thank you very much. As the Germans say it, “Sejak zaman Jahiliah lagi..”.

What’s that? A voice from a distance?? “But then, why have you stopped posting new blog entries?”

Well my disloyal readers, the answer to that is plain and simple.

I’m. Busy.

“But what can you possibly be doing that can be more important than blogging?”


So I’m REALLY sorry for not being able to bullshit about my life online as I have to bullshit it all in real life.

But not to despair my thinning congregation of readers. I have heard rumours that Wimax is going to be installed in Penang. I sure do hope those rumours materialize. DAP, please make it happen? For my sake, and for every sad soul here who doesn’t have the all essential luxury of Broadband connection. (I like the Malay term of that word. So stupid. “Jalur Lebar”.. hahahaha)

I leave you with a line from a song I’ve written..

“Push me, so that I’ll trip and fall into a puddle and drink that puddle along with its inhabitants”

Deep, don’t you agree?