Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tomorrow Is Indie Day

"Many obstacles, just like a squiggle," Hello Future by Delude.

Deep. Too deep for my understanding. lols. Seriously, go check them out.

Tonight is the night before Independence Day. So break out the flags and patriotic songs and start showing some love towards your country!

That's it kids! Wave like you mean it!

Tomorrow, all schools nationwide will be taking a day off to celebrate this particular day in history. 52 years ago on the very same day the Union Jack was lowered and the Jalur Gemilang was raised in its place, symbolizing the independence of the Malay Peninsular from the clutches of the British Colony. But you all are better versed in Malay History than I am, so I'll just leave it at that before I get something wrong.

A few months back, when I attended Biro Tata Negara, we were greeted with a movie, Hati Malaya. No introductions to facilitators or ice-breaking, or even food. The movie came first. And I could understand why.

The never-before-heard-of-by-me movie was phenomenal. This 117-minute long film recaptures the days when Malaya was still in the clutches of colonists and the struggle of our country's founding fathers in achieving Independence to this land we call our home.

I think the way they told the story through the movie was very original. We follow graphic book makers Hali, Salmi, Rafik, Ani and Ang Lee in their research for their book, "1957-Hati Malaya". Along the way, we get swept along with them, getting thrown back to the past to see the likes of Dato' Onn, Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Tunku Abdul Rahman fighting (not literally) for our independence. We get a history lesson as well as entertainment. Now that's what I call infotainment. RTM should really take some notes.

It totally beats the stuffing out of learning all that from our History textbooks. It's practically the same thing, only it focusses on the important things like how they did it, what obstacles they had to go through, why they did it, the whole shabang; not the trivial things they ask in the SPM History papers like who was standing in the 2nd row from right in the picture in page 247. I think this movie should be part of the school History curriculum as of now, to make the future generation more appreciative of what our forefathers had done during troubled times to bring freedom to our shores.

This movie made me cry like a baby. Yes, you heard right. I have a soft core inside this crunchy exterior. A scene that I don't think will ever leave me is when Tunku asks everyone in the hall for money to go to London to ask for Independence after they've been turned down at first asking. Everyone gave everything they got in support of Tunku and his crew, making it rain money. This made Tunku break down in tears as he was so touched by this act of kindness and overwhelming support. It also subsequently make me bleed out water from my eyes.

Seriously, anyone who calls themselves a Malaysian should seriously consider watching this. I strongly recommend it. It could make you cry upon hearing the national anthem being played. That certainly was the case for me..


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Muzack! (Others)

"It's not easy making a name for yourself," Downfall of Us All by A Day To Remember.

Intro of the songs kicks backside!

And here is my "others" list. This list will contain all the other type of music I listen to, other than rock, I mean. And yeah, some (or most) of them can be heard on the radio. I'm not one of those fakes who think they're all that just because they listen to stuff that's not in the radio, and immediately flush stuff that do get airplay down the toilet. No Sir! Unlike them, I actually HAVE something else to do other than looking for new, never-before-heard-of, usually sucky bands. It's called LIFE. Look it up.

I base all my listening to individual songs. If the songs are cool, I'll listen to it, no matter who the artists are. And if an artist I like produces a crappy song, well, I will say that it's a crappy song and not listen to it anymore. I won't subject my ears and brain to torture just because they're "underground/indie". Seriously. On the other hand, if I listen to a good song from someone, I'll take the effort to look for other songs from the same artist during my free time (But I only search rock acts). My theory is that "If a band/artist is capable of producing ONE song I like, then they must be capable of making MORE songs that I like too.." Although, this is not always the case. So, without further ado, my Others list:

1. Hip-hop/rap.

Yeah, Anak Pak Man DOES listen to rap, holmes. Songs produced by playas like T.I., Eminem, Black Eyed Peas (the old ones), Kanye West, and Jay-Z tickle my fancy, yaknowadamsayin'? Just tryin' to keep it real, dawg. I listen to dey beats 'cuz dey know how to break it down, son. They actually rap, not talk, like most crappy wannabees out there. And I don't listen to the songs that worship the material world. I listen to songs that don't sound like any other song-talking-bout-how-many-inch-rims-they-have-on-their-Hummers. I like listening to songs that are for real, son. Songs that talk about "practicing what you preach" and getting into trouble "just for my family's sake". I wish I could rap freestyle without sounding like a retard. Sigh.

2. Pop.

Yeah, dirty pop, as N'sync put it so well back in '01 (or was it '02?). I do listen to the music with the most haters in the underground world. I like most of the old pop songs from N'Sync, Backstreet Boys (yeah, boyband fever. Sue me..) Justin Timberlake (amazing first and second solo albums) and other favourites I can't seem to think of at the moment (I'm still very much in "metalcore mode" right now). And, similar with hip-hop, I don't like materiality getting in my listening. I also cannot stand songs about sex. I just can't take people singing bout wanting to take ride on my "disco stick". It's just wrong, so wrong.

3. Good Malay songs.

Merdeka Spirit!! I don't know why this is separate from the others. I guess it's just because it's so special, it deserves a place of it's own. I like Malaysian artists like Aizat AF (he makes his own songs some more!), Elyana, Faisal Tahir (or Faizal. I'm not THAT big a fan), and M. Nasir and maybe even Mawi (first album only). I like 'em, and can totally sing-a-long to them while in the car. Plus, I don't lose touch with my Malay side. Right now I'm either Kedah or English, if that makes any sense.

4. Evergreen oldies.

Not that old. You remember the BeeGees? Queen? Bon Jovi? Michael Learns to Rock? They never get old (at least their songs don't). I can always appreciate a good song from back when I wasn't born yet, or developed a permanent memory. My father introduces me to them and most of them stick like glue. Great songs, by great people.

5. Sappy love songs.

I'm not made of stone after all. Listening to sappy love songs which are sung full of heart never fails to wrench my heart and produce clear blood from my eyes (tears). Classics like "Total Eclipse of The Heart", "My All" and "My Baby You" are the reason I could fly. Eh? They're the reason I pretend I'm yawning when my eyes start to tear up. Oh, why couldn't these feelings just go away?

That's it, I guess. I probably said more than I should have (especially in the last part), but it's done. Those are all the kinds of the songs that I listen to. I probably missed a few, but then again I think those few are not worth mentioning, since they didn't come to mind when writing this. So now, off you little buggers! But wherever you go, please don't stop the music! (

-Pictures used are for illustrative purposes only. I am not a politically-driven, old-person hating dude who wants to get ISA detention for posting a picture of our former PMs up in my blog.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Muzack! (Rawk!)

"The heart of me is strong today," Dead and Gone by T.I. feat. Justin Timberlake.

What? Anak Pak Man listening to rap music?? Can this be true? Doesn't he only listen to the Arctic Monkeys and the Backstreet Boys?

Now that's a misconception. I listen to all kinds of music, really, not just the stuff that you don't get into America's Top 40. I'm not some kind of scene kid who hates on some kinds of music just because they get radio airtime. I don't go around raising my middle finger to Hujan just because they get heavy airplay. And I don't worship all the "underground" bands out there. It doesn't matter if you have a hundred hits on the charts or are still recording songs from your basement-turned-studio. If you've got quality, original stuff and they reach my ears, they will be appreciated. And in this post I will try to list out what I listen to and why I listen to such nonsense. But due to lack of time, this post will only concentrate on ROCK music, you know, the kind that your mother complains about whenever you turn the volume above 8 in the car.

  1. Arctic Monkeys.
    How can I start with anything else but my favourite band in the whole wide world, right? And I haven't put a genre to them because, frankly, they're a genre all their own. They're THAT original (to my ears anyway). I can't put any kind of label on them but purely "Arctic Monkeys", and any pretenders that try to sound like them will fail indefinitely in their efforts to sound anything near as brilliant as the Monkeys. An example would be our very own the Bourjuis from Jitra, Kedah. Even though they're very listenable (if you ignore the grammar), the AM still come out on top, and by a fair mile too. Have a listen to Mardy Bum and you'll instantly fall in love with these lads from Sheffield, England. You can't help but be charmed by the original, story-telling lyrics, the "I don't have the best of voices and I don't care" voice, the catchy melodies, the simple yet astounding music and overall goodness that is the Arctic Monkeys.
2. Good Indie rock.

Now when I say I like indie music, don't think I'm some kind of poser kid who listens to everything that's played in just because it's "indie". *yack* I only listen to those bands who don't plagiarise their songs from Couple or Estrella. I actually want to hear originality, not copy-paste stuff I can even do on my own. A few bands that meet the requirement are Estranged, One Buck Short, Butterfingers and Hujan. Sure they seem like big names (some say too big to be called indie) but to me, they make up their own stuff and produce it by themselves, so they are still very much independent. And, not only are they indipendent, they churn out good quality songs too. Some might say that Hujan sounds a lot like TheStrokes, and I have to agree with that, but that's just because Noh's vocals are very similar to Casablancas'. They churn out different stuff, and talk about differing things, so they're very much different in my eyes (Not to mention one sings in Malay and the other one doesn't). Smaller bands like the Bourjuis, Delude, Hello, Is This The Band?, and Founder have also earned a spot in my listening list, as they make good stuffs which are, to me, songs of good quality.

3. British rock.

This probably should have been no.2 in my list, but it's not in chronological order, so we don't mind now do we? Ehem, the next category of music that I am very fond of is British rock. Now, you're probably saying "Hey, aren't the AM from England? So why are they seperated?" As I have mentioned earlier, they are a genre all their own and I'll leave it at that.
Some examples of British rock acts are The Answering Machine, The Kooks, Bombay Bicylce Club, Dirty Pretty Things and Cajun Dance Party. I listen to these guys simply because of their accents. I love the British accent and I try to immitate this particular way of speaking in my free time for fun. Besides that, I also like the quality of the songs that these guys produce. They don't try to be something they're not (or something that already exists) and stick to what they're good at. The singers sing with so much heart it makes you feel like they have too much of it and want a piece.

4. Emocore/Screamo/Post-hardcore.

A lot of people consider these songs as a pain in the ears and will cause the listeners to turn into retards who like to hurt themselves and have no respect for the people around them. I thought so too at first, but then I was introduced to Hawthorne Heights and thought that they were da bomb. So with that first step taken, I ventured to more rough listening, like The Used, Alesana, Fightstar, Chiodos and Silverstein and found that it was a totally new listening experience. I found out that all that screaming had reasons behind them. And after listening for a while, I have come to learn the beauty of these screams and also the beauty of the lyrics that these guys produce. Really poetic, you just need to listen. Oh, and did I mention that screaming is NOT easy? It's not. You don't just get to a microphone and shout your eyes out. It takes real skill to scream right without damaging your vocal chords. I know, I've tried and failed. That's why I can appreciate these guys' music.

5. Metalcore/Metal.

After getting on the screamo bandwagon, I was given even heavier music in the form of Metal and Metalcore music. First I only listened to a few Avenged Sevenfold songs, but then was introduced to bands like The Devil Wears Prada, Bless The Fall, Bullet For My Valentine, Bring Me The Horizon and A Day To Remember to name a few. I'm still relatively new to this genre and still have a lot to learn about this particular type of music. In this genre, I was introduced to a new part of music called the "breakdown". It's when the song changes direction and gets angry and dark all of a sudden and all you can do is bang your head to it. It's this urge that I involuntarily get that I love most about this music. It doesn't matter what the dude's screaming, as long as the guitars and drums make my head bob viciously, I'm good with it. If you want to listen to a Malaysian band in this genre, then I reccommend The Padangs . These boys do a good job, and they remind you of The Devil Wears Prada.

6. Other foreign acts that rock!

I didn't know what category to put these guys under, mainly because of the diversity that existed within this group. Then it hit me: They're all not from Malaysia, Britain or US. So it must be something right? The bands that fall under this category are Maximum the Hormone (Japan, Max rock), 9mm Parabellum Bullet (Japan, 9mm rock), Pee Wee Gaskins (Indonesia, synth-punk), White Shoes and The Couples Company (Indonesia, 60s lounge), and Typecast (Phillipines, emo-ish rock). They're all very good bands and produce really good music, and are definitely worth a check out, so check 'em out why doncha?

Some other bands that I haven't mentioned yet, but feel like they deserve to be mentioned are as follows:
-Enter Shikari (Brit Metal that incorporate wierd synths)
-Foals (Brit rock that just sound wierd)
-Komplot (Malay Indie that incorporate saxophones)
-The Last Shadow Puppets (Brit rock feat. Alex Turner)
-My Chemical Romance (No introduction necessary)
-Oh Chentaku (Malay emo rock outfit)
-Panic at the Disco (contrasting albums, but still great to listen to)
-The View (Brit rock outfit that has a song called "Skag Trendy")
-Yuna (my ex)
-Blink 182 (punk rock legends who are still at it)
-Seven Collar T-Shirt (totally underrated Malaysian acts)
-Taylor Swift (just kidding)

I'll continue with a whole new list soon enough. Till then, enjoy listening to these hot bands!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Ramadhan

"You are my fire," I want It That Way by Backstreet Boys.

Thanks to
Najwaa’s blog , the boys are now in my head. *Sigh* This is so pre-adolescent. They were cool back then, but then I discovered the Arctic Monkeys, so I forgot all about them and all the other MTV-made Superstars.

Moving on, it's that time of year again. Yes, it's the time when you can't eat from dawn 'till dusk. The time when you have to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning to catch you last hour of food before fasting. The time when you pray 23 (or 11) extra rakaats a night for Tarawih. The time when you try your hardest to not get angry. The time when you try your hardest not to pick your nose (I have my doubts over this one). It's Ramadhan!! Yeay!!

Be thankful to Allah Almighty for allowing us to experience this annual treasure of a period again when all your good deeds get extra pahala and all the syaitans get chained in Hell so that they won't disturb us in our Ibadah. All Muslims race to get as much pahalas as they can, so that they can gain access to Heaven later on.

Through the Ramadhans that I have experienced so far after 19 years of life on Earth, I've noticed a few things. You guys might have noticed them too. Check it:

1. Early on in Ramadhan, especially the first week or so, everyone (almost) goes for Tarawih. you can get the fullest Suraus and Mosques at night during this period. But this number dwindles to roughly half the early congregation as Ramadhan progresses. We can only see the number increases when it nears the end of this monumental month, because supposedly Lailatul Qadr (the night of a thousand months) comes at the last week of Ramadhan. These people who stop going for Tarawih for no reason, they really make me scratch my head. Seriously, this month only comes once in a year, and you can't guarantee that you'll be here when the next Ramadhan comes (if it comes). And Lailatul Qadr could come at ANY night of the month. There's no guarantee that it DOES come at the last week, so it would be best that, to be safe, we go every night. You don't lose anything by going every night. "Tired!", "Too full!", and "Lazy!" are the usual responses to not going. Guys, please. This comes only once a year. Think about what you're letting slip away.

2. I have also noticed that we refrain from picking our noses when we're fasting. Why? Because there's that rule "You are not to insert anything into your rongga badan (what is it in English?) when you're fasting". But if we can't insert our finger into our noses when we want to pick it, then why can we insert water into our mouths when we want to gargle to take our ablutions? I have had this question in my head since the first time somebody said to me "Hey, you can't pick your nose! Batal puasa!". It has baffled me, but I have never asked any Ustaz or Ustazah this question because I ALWAYS forget to. I wonder why. If anyone can help me out on this, it would be most helpful (Help me find an answer, not help me pick my nose. Sheesh.)

3. When you're occupied with something, you forget that you're hungry. Here's an example. Once, when I was in Form 3, I played Championship Manager from the moment I woke up, until it was time to break fast. What was fascinating was that when it was time to break fast, I really thought that it was still noon. Of course I prayed Zohor and Asar, but I forgot all about it and got a bit too absorbed into the game. So when my mother scolded me "Abang! Get over here and bukak puasa!", it took me totally by surprise.

4. You actually CAN go through a whole day without eating anything and live. On normal days, when you're so swamped that you unintentionally skip a meal, you think you're gonna die if you don't eat anything. You can't concentrate in class because you didn't have any breakfast. You can't go down to the field to jog or play football because you didn't have lunch. But when you're fasting, you CAN do all those things without having to eat. You still need to go to class and run up and down campus to do work, and you still go down to the court to shoot some hoops. And here's the surprise. At the end of the day, YOU DON"T DIE!! So when you accidentally skip a meal, or have insufficient funds to eat, don't think that you're going to starve to death. You're gonna be just fine, just have faith in Allah and everything will turn our just fine.

Be thankful for all that is given to us, and in this noble month, try to rack up those good deeds to try to get on Allah's good side. That goes for me too. I've got to stop swearing. That's my aim for this Ramadhan (alongside completing my month-long fast). I'm sure you guys have your own aims for this Ramadhan too. Be it being able to complete the full 30-days of fasting (that you MUST), to something a step higher like reading the Holy book every day of the month (that's an aim of mine too). Whatever they are, I hope you achieve it. And whatever good habits that you pick up along this month, try to keep doing 'em even after Ramadhan. You won't regret it.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Four Tag

"Kan ku berikan semua," Aku Scandal by Hujan.

Yes, I admit I'm a Hujan fan. And anyone who dislikes them really can't appreciate good music. I'm not saying this to people who aren't fans. I understand that different people have different tastes in music. It's more to who hates Hujan, then you hate good music.

But that's enough about one of Malaysia's best bands (if not THE best). Here's a tag given to yours truly by teacher

Without further ado, the "FOUR TAG". (I gave the name myself. Cute innit? :P)


-Anak Pak Man
-Kasturi (New classical Malay name I acquired from


-26 July
-1 Ramadhan (coming soon)
-1 Syawal (coming after soon)
-Dates (kurma) to break fast with.


-Read some blogs.
-Watched nonsensical videos (such as the one present
-Clipped my nails.
-Let my next door neighbour borrow my nail clippers.


-Have a person you love say "I love you" to you.
-Sleep with every intention of sleeping and then smiling when you wake up.
-Don't be reminded that you have an assignment which is due the day after upon waking up.
-Listen to good, unique, original music, such as those produced by Hillary Duff and the Jonas Brothers. *Pukes*


-Amar Popia.


-The green Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger (later on he changed to white, which I think was way cooler).

-Barney the dinosaur (Even if he was not human, he was a big part of my life).


-A Honda City (new edition).
-A whole new wardrobe consisting of clothes from Sub.
-A new laptop (sorry Aspire 4715Z, but you're really getting slow).
Sidekick (even if I don't really know how to use it, I'll look uber-cool flipping it like it does).


-Blog hopping.
-Making an arse out of myself.


-My bed (short vacation).
-Pulau Perhentian, Terengganu (Cuti-cuti 1Malaysia).
-New Zealand (I don't care where, as long as it's in the country).

-Sheffield (to meet the Arctic Monkeys, no doubt).


-Milo (TERbaik).
-Watermelon juice given to us during ELOP at SK Titi Tok Bandar (thank you,whoever you are for setting the bar THAT high so that drinking watermelon juice from any other place would seem like plain water compared to yours).
-"Special" RM2 guava juice sold on the side of the road near Bedong.
-Plain water (jaga suara la konon).


-A pen.
-My IPSAH notebook.
-Hand sanitizer (H1N1 dudes).
-My room keys.


-Black (did I say that already?)


-My room.
-Bagan's room.
-SMK Ibrahim.
-Omaq's house.


-Some dude named Anak Pak Man.
-My brothers.


-My phone (until I have a new one).
-My laptop (until I have a new one).
-My room keys (So that I can access my room, and also until I get a new one).
-My watch (until I get a new one).
[If I had put "my wife" here, would I also put "(until I have a new one)"? :P]


-Phyto Hystrix.
-And you. Yeah, you. Don't look behind you, I mean YOU!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Interesting Ferry Moments

"Impatience waits around for me," Paint You Target by Fightstar.

Going to and from IPGM Penang Campus to go back home to Harvard, Bedong will have you getting on and off the Penang ferries quite a few times. And on these famous ferries, we can observe interesting things, if we only took the trouble to eavesdrop on people and watch them from a fair distance. It's not stalking if you don't get caught. But here I will share just one interesting conversation I overheard and also a random thought while on the ferry. Note that these occurences happened on differing days.

1. The Female Atticus

I was making my way back to the island and was waiting for a ferry to come by. Of course, the time intervals between ferries to dock rarely exceed 15 minutes, so as usual, nobody had to wait long. But while waiting, a jumpy child of, by my estimations, 4 years old also came to the waiting area. I noticed that this wide-eyed Chinese kid was with his mother, who looked to be in her mid-30s. They were speaking English, thus making me bat an eyelid. But I didn't try to spark a conversation with them, as I am not known to start coversations with strangers.

When a ferry arrived, I alongside everyone else who was waiting slowly raided the ferry at the fastest leisurely pace we could manage, as was the tradition for getting on the ferry. Everyone was in a hurry, but at the same time also aware that no matter how fast we get to our seats, the ferry would still depart when it wanted to. I secured a place near the front, and to my mild delight, the mother and child sat just behind me, so I got to eavesdrop on them.

"Mommy, when will the ferry go off?" said the child.
"It'll go off when everyone gets their seat." Said the mother, patiently.
"Mommy, look! The ocean!"
"Yes, I can see. Does it look like the oceans at Perth?"
"No. Mommy, when are we going to Perth again?"
"We'll only go on holidays dear."
"But why can't we go now?"
"Because you have school to attend."
"Then let's not go to school."
"No no, you need to go to school. Tell you what, if you do good in school, we'll go to Perth again soon."

The conversations continued like that for a few moments. Then we started moving, and they wen't to the side of the ferry to enjoy the sea breeze while standing up while I opted to remain seated. After riding the ferry for the umpteenth time, you aren't as excited as you were the first few times to see some bubbles form from the side of the ferry. Then they got back to their seats.

"Mommy, why are we moving up and down?"
"That's what happens when we float."
"Well, when we get home, we can try putting a toy boat on some water and we'll splash the water to see what happens."
"But how can I see it then if I splash the water and then the water gets in my eyes?"

Me: *Smirk*

"Then we'll just splash it slowly.."

I have high respect to the mother for answering all her son's questions patiently without retaliating like most parents would with a "Can you just keep quiet??". And that kid's last question made my day. :)

2. Thoughts.

I have this tendency to think about very negative things when I really shouldn't. This is a good example:

While I was staring blankly at the life jackets that were locked up in steel cages on the ferry ceiling, a thought ran through my head.

"What if we actually needed to use them life-jackets? How would that be possible?"

Of course, they ferry would have to sink for some reason, such as a suicide bomber somehow getting on the ferry and blowing himself up. I would quickly pull the lever which released the life jackets from their cages (I also thought of the possibility of the levers getting jammed out of lack of usage, but I decided to be optimistic) and distribute them to everyone on the ferry. Everyone would be in a state of absolute panic, leaving me and the captain of the ship the only calm heads around to take on the responsibility of calming everyone else down and helping them with their life jackets (perasan hero gila).

When we finally reach the water, I would tell the captain to take care of everyone else while I swim a kilometre and a half to get to shore and try to get help. Then I'd swim and swim and swim, being careful not to hit any fish along the way. When I finally reach land, I would go straight to a public phone and get the most important person on the line.

"Hello Bapak! Laptop Abang masok air.."



"These words came when you did not," Tomorrow by The Answering Machine.

If you are reading this, that means I have finally changed my blog Uniform Resource Locator (URL) from the old "" to "". I have deliberated for a little over a week whether this was the right thing to do. Thanks to
TQ (word-play not intended), I had second thoughts about changing my URL. There were a few reasons why I was almost influenced to not change the URL.

The first reason that was presented to me made me think to myself "Hey, maybe everyone DOESN'T think that the URL name sounds too stuck up. Maybe people actually don't care about what my URL name was. Maybe people don't even care about my blog, even." These thoughts ran through my head when I was staring at my stained pillow while trying to get some sleep. And as expected, I slept on the thought. And after some good sleep, I forgot about what I was thinking before I slept, because I was late for class.

Secondly, TQ made me think that maybe it's the absolute superciliousness of the name that got people to remember it and actually want to see it. Maybe if I was to put some average name like "", then maybe it wouldn't have been as attention grabbing as it was. Maybe people actually thought "Woih, this is such an arrogant sounding blog, I must take a look-see to find out why this bub is so effing egotistical!" But then I ran this idea through my logical self, and he said "Humbug!" (Very logical reason to drop an idea.. Or maybe it was because I was listening to the Arctic Monkey's new album, "Humbug" at the time..)

But finally I came to a consensus that said "Hey, you already posted on your blog that you would change the URL, so just change it!" (That's the uncompromising-me talking there..) So here it is, brand new URL, but still the same old taste, eh, same old Anak Pak Man (ingat iklan soup ka?).

I changed it because of the following reasons:

1. It's shorter, making it easier to type out in the box where you type out URLs.
2. It portrays who I am better.
3. It's less obnoxious-sounding.
4. Err, that's it la kot..

I'm too lazy to elaborate on the points above. If you want to, then elaborate them yourselves. I don't mind. But please keep it U-rated, people. No adult-rated stories please.

InsyaAllah, I won't be changing this URL for a long time.

Till next time! Cheers!