Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Ramadhan

"You are my fire," I want It That Way by Backstreet Boys.

Thanks to
Najwaa’s blog , the boys are now in my head. *Sigh* This is so pre-adolescent. They were cool back then, but then I discovered the Arctic Monkeys, so I forgot all about them and all the other MTV-made Superstars.

Moving on, it's that time of year again. Yes, it's the time when you can't eat from dawn 'till dusk. The time when you have to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning to catch you last hour of food before fasting. The time when you pray 23 (or 11) extra rakaats a night for Tarawih. The time when you try your hardest to not get angry. The time when you try your hardest not to pick your nose (I have my doubts over this one). It's Ramadhan!! Yeay!!

Be thankful to Allah Almighty for allowing us to experience this annual treasure of a period again when all your good deeds get extra pahala and all the syaitans get chained in Hell so that they won't disturb us in our Ibadah. All Muslims race to get as much pahalas as they can, so that they can gain access to Heaven later on.

Through the Ramadhans that I have experienced so far after 19 years of life on Earth, I've noticed a few things. You guys might have noticed them too. Check it:

1. Early on in Ramadhan, especially the first week or so, everyone (almost) goes for Tarawih. you can get the fullest Suraus and Mosques at night during this period. But this number dwindles to roughly half the early congregation as Ramadhan progresses. We can only see the number increases when it nears the end of this monumental month, because supposedly Lailatul Qadr (the night of a thousand months) comes at the last week of Ramadhan. These people who stop going for Tarawih for no reason, they really make me scratch my head. Seriously, this month only comes once in a year, and you can't guarantee that you'll be here when the next Ramadhan comes (if it comes). And Lailatul Qadr could come at ANY night of the month. There's no guarantee that it DOES come at the last week, so it would be best that, to be safe, we go every night. You don't lose anything by going every night. "Tired!", "Too full!", and "Lazy!" are the usual responses to not going. Guys, please. This comes only once a year. Think about what you're letting slip away.

2. I have also noticed that we refrain from picking our noses when we're fasting. Why? Because there's that rule "You are not to insert anything into your rongga badan (what is it in English?) when you're fasting". But if we can't insert our finger into our noses when we want to pick it, then why can we insert water into our mouths when we want to gargle to take our ablutions? I have had this question in my head since the first time somebody said to me "Hey, you can't pick your nose! Batal puasa!". It has baffled me, but I have never asked any Ustaz or Ustazah this question because I ALWAYS forget to. I wonder why. If anyone can help me out on this, it would be most helpful (Help me find an answer, not help me pick my nose. Sheesh.)

3. When you're occupied with something, you forget that you're hungry. Here's an example. Once, when I was in Form 3, I played Championship Manager from the moment I woke up, until it was time to break fast. What was fascinating was that when it was time to break fast, I really thought that it was still noon. Of course I prayed Zohor and Asar, but I forgot all about it and got a bit too absorbed into the game. So when my mother scolded me "Abang! Get over here and bukak puasa!", it took me totally by surprise.

4. You actually CAN go through a whole day without eating anything and live. On normal days, when you're so swamped that you unintentionally skip a meal, you think you're gonna die if you don't eat anything. You can't concentrate in class because you didn't have any breakfast. You can't go down to the field to jog or play football because you didn't have lunch. But when you're fasting, you CAN do all those things without having to eat. You still need to go to class and run up and down campus to do work, and you still go down to the court to shoot some hoops. And here's the surprise. At the end of the day, YOU DON"T DIE!! So when you accidentally skip a meal, or have insufficient funds to eat, don't think that you're going to starve to death. You're gonna be just fine, just have faith in Allah and everything will turn our just fine.

Be thankful for all that is given to us, and in this noble month, try to rack up those good deeds to try to get on Allah's good side. That goes for me too. I've got to stop swearing. That's my aim for this Ramadhan (alongside completing my month-long fast). I'm sure you guys have your own aims for this Ramadhan too. Be it being able to complete the full 30-days of fasting (that you MUST), to something a step higher like reading the Holy book every day of the month (that's an aim of mine too). Whatever they are, I hope you achieve it. And whatever good habits that you pick up along this month, try to keep doing 'em even after Ramadhan. You won't regret it.



Nada Syazana said...

I believe it's "inserting stuff into orifices/cavities"? Beats me.

I've come across several opinions on nose-picking during fasting. One says you can't pick it because (1) it falls under the "inserting stuff into orifice" rule (2) nose-picking gives you pleasure (haha)...ada lah lagi.

Then the other one says you CAN pick it because (1) fasting is about restraining from food, water, sex, obscene thoughts (2) nose-picking, if done for hygiene's sake, is encouraged (3) if you don't pick, you'll end up swallowing your booger - which invalidates your fasting altogether :S

I'm with the 2nd opinion i.e. you CAN pick your nose. If brushing your teeth is makruh, then why does nose-picking invalidate your fast kan? Like your gargling concept. Then again, it's best if you search for a valid hadith on this.

Selamat berpuasa!

anak pak man said...

Thanks for the infos!
Will ask my Ustaz the next time I get a chance..
Selamat berpuasa to u too!

wOrLdOfsEcReTwHisPer said...

hehehe..ur welcome..
amoy ada link ke my blog lak noo..
huhu..BSB my fav boy band eva..
yeah..i love them since i was in standard 2 perhaps..huhu..;p

haa..bout ur post 2..
klu xclap yg pasal idung 2..
dia xley 'k**r*k lebey kot'
pnah silap xsmpan krantan
akhbar 2..last year pnya if i'm not mistaken..xpa2..
lpas naik cuti surekan ngn ustz kta..ehiii...

anda btol bla anda berkata..
bila kita sibuk kita rsa sekejap
ja posa..kdg2 xrsa cam posa pon..
ngeh3..tup2..da kol 7.15 cam2..
g la buat apa yg patot kat dapur 2..kan2...

keyh..slamat berposa n bertrawih..
haa..slamat study..;D

anak pak man said...

musti ah! nak bagi pemes hg nya blog.. komisen bak kemari! haha
yeah, kena tnya ustaz neh..
thanks! selamat berpuasa to u too!
study leklok!

pencari sejati said...

salam ramadhan n selamat berpose..

jgn ponteng plak..

uit, ko dh tuko link ker..
asl x bgtw...

pelik btol bile xdpt bukak link ko tue

naseb baek la aku pandai mencari

anak pak man said...

pandai2~ good boy.. hehe
Salam Ramadhan to u too..

Why didn't anyone read my week-long notice that my URL was gonna change?? ;(

phytohystrix said...

Sy pun x brp arif ttg hal ni,ms kck dlu prnh terpikir jgk. Basicnye,ini yg sy fhm.

Islam itu mmntgkn kbrshn,x kre ms. Klu bkumur utk tujuan mnjg kbrshn,itu dblhkntp x blh lbh2,hukumnye makruh.

Tp dig the tin mine plk 1 hal yg lain. Ia blh dilakukn di luar wktu bpuasa utk tujuan kbrshn,spt yg dianjrkn dlm Islam. Tp ttp mmbtlkn puasa klu mmskkn sst dlm rongga bdn. Lgpun,klu mmskkn jari ke dlm rongga hdg itu dblhkn,mcm mn dgn yg lain? Sbb itu le brkumur tu pun xblh brlbhn,tp x mmbtlkn puasa sbb kt x mnm air tu.

Jd,kt xla mnmblkn rs x sng pd org lain wlupun kt bpuasa..bbdg dgn hdg. Bkn kt ckp gne hdg pun. Xdenye org nk suluh dgn torch light..keh2..

Wallahualam,nnt naik ct ni blh le kt menyerbu ustaz bramai2!

anak pak man said...

klau memasukkan sesuatu lam mulut makruh, awat memasukkan sesuatu ke dalam idong batal trus? it's not like we consume our finger through our nose.. we just put it in there, n then take it out, much like water in and out of our mouths..

berkumur xleh berlebihan, tapi korek idong xleh lansung? sounds unreasonable to me..

phytohystrix said...

itu btsn fkrn mnsia..xtrcapai fkrn kt..baik tye ustaz,confirmkn. lgpun klo msk jari dlm hdg,pstu nak kluo x blh ha,mcm mn? kan ssh tu?

gurau je.. :)

anak pak man said...

itu dikira tersilap lah, macam kita TERtelan air masa kita berkumur.. InsyaAllah akan diampuni Allah..

n klau ada ayat al-Quran atau hadith yg bleh clear the air, bru lah aku akan stop questioning..

ana_rose said...

" Memasukkan sesuatu ke dalam rongga terbuka dan dikeluarkan kembali tanpa sampai ke perut dan yang seumpamanya di bahagian kepala.

Ia seperti memasukkan alat tertentu ke dalam kemaluan wanita atau dubur ketika proses perubatan yang berkaitan, demikian juga memasukkan jari ke dalam hidung, telinga, mulut dan dubur.

Hukumnya : Tidak membatalkan puasa kecuali jika alatan itu dibiar tinggal di dalam kemaluan tadi, kerana illah @ faktor penyebab batal puasa adalah masuknya sesuatu berfizikal ke perut. Terkecuali juga, wanita atau lelaki yang memasukkan jarinya ke dubur atau kemaluannya dengan tujuan nafsu, maka ia membatalkan puasa, tetapi jika tujuan istinja' atau membasuhnya maka hukum yang lebih kuat menurut para ulama adalah tidak batal. (As-Siyam, Dr Md ‘Uqlah, hlm 211). Ini juga dipersetujui oleh Syeikh Atiyyah Saqar yang mengatakan masuk sesuatu ke telinga dan hidung yang tidak sampai ke perut atau bahagian otak adalah tidak membatalkan puasa. (Min Ahsanil Kalam fil Fatawa). Tidak dinafikan terdapat fatwa yang mengatakan batal, justeru, nasihat saya adalah lebih baik menjauhinya kiranya tiada tujuan yang agak mendesak. Kerana menjauhi yang khilaf (perbezaan pendapat) itu lebih baik."