Saturday, February 28, 2009

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Inspiring opening scene, don't you think? Deep stuff......

Back to this blog, you must be wondering "hey, what's up with the title?"


well, to be perfectly honest with you, I don't know either..So lu pikir la sniri!

This is my first post in, like, FOREVER!!

you must be wondering why, right? (to which, the answer would most probably be a resounding, "Nobody gives a tuuudt!")

well, to answer that rhetorical question given to myself, I really don't have the zeal I once had to pour my heart out in this blog anymore.. Mostly because of impossible connections at my Institute (Damn you IPGM Kampus Persekutuan!!!).


1. Getting broadband.

No money lorh~

2. Wimax.

Hmm, the speed seems awfully slow. I'll wait and see..

3. Don't give a rat's ass..

But I don't want to be regarded as those hangat2 tahi ayam people..

So, for now, I'll stick with my fourth option, which is

4. Post only when you go back home where there's streamyx.

Home really is where the heart is..

therefore, you readers can expect a post from me every two weeks or so for the time being..

*Awwwwww* :'(

Yeah2, I know it's saddening. It's tearing me apart on the inside too. (Cuit, prasan..)

So, for now, as TQ put it so well in her JPP campaign that led to her loss,

"Hakuna Matata!"


Chom said...

weh, balik jum hangout.. tapi awat ang duk jauh sgt dkt bedong!! sejam wehh nak drive pi sana!

pencari sejati said...

salah la wei...

IPGM kampus pulau pinang..

baru la btol...

phytohystrix said...

hm... agak mcabar minda nak phm le jgk. klaka,tjk post mmg eye-catching btl! ei,tp ok ape tq pye 'tag' tu,rsnye sbb kt freshie lg,org blm familiar sgt..

btw sabo le..nak bt mcm mn..nice intrnt cnnctn is another gud reason to miss home! :D

anak pak man said...

for the fun of it people..
chom: jom ah! nnt hg blek loqstaq abaq ah! bleh aku roger!

mademoiselle tq said...

weh, ape kene tbe2 nme aku naik nih..??