Thursday, January 29, 2009

so what's the plan now?
-opening line of the song "Permission" by Yuna-

The song above is a DAMN GOOD song. Yuna never fails to mesmerize me with her fantastic singing. I'm thinking of doing of a cover of one of her songs for TESL Idol, but I know I won't be able to do any of her songs any justice, so tak payah la kot. hehe.

Back to this post, here's the scoop for yesterday's activities for the Noor family.

"Boy!! Bangun kaih! Lunch!"
"umph! Sat ah!!"

So we had our lunch about an hour after Zohor prayers.

Our lunch:

Sup ayam, Sambal ikan bilis, kacang panjang and ikan goreng.. With Rice of course..Yumyum!!

Then we lepaked around the house for a while before we went out to go for rugby training at SMK Ibrahim (Boy and Aiman's school).

"Jom p training Boy!"

"Umph! Sat ah!!"





So after training, at about 6.30pm or something like that, we (the whole family + Pan, our cousin) went to Tesco Sungai Petani. Yeah, we're supposed to be boycotting, but there were not and are not any alternative, so we HAD to.

Wah3, Happy Family siot! haha.. Some pix..


Effin expensive!!

Ainul and Aiman xabeh2 ngan cereal. Xbleh beli!! haha

"Mak, bila nak balik?"

Pay up time.. Luckily, we didn't have to wait in line for long..

Thankz kak!

We were the last customers before the counter closed. Alhamdulillah!

We also met a local celebrity. Winner of some contest, I think..

He's got the vest on and everything.. I wonder how I can enter a queue contest?

The cutest couple:

Then Mak had some stuff to look at, so we waited at the local MPH bookstore.
This caught my eye, but not my heart, or my wallet:

A book that I've seen the video. Damn good "Secret"!

OMG!!! Sudoku!!!

Let's take a look-see, shall we?

hah? Don't get it.. :s

Then it was time to go home..
"Boy, jom balek!"

"Umph! Sat ah!"

Did I forget something?

LDS work: "isk3.. T.T"


fafauzulkifli said...

nice blog abg.
ur bro ensm gak ek?
yg kchik 2

anak pak man said...

memang ah!
abang dia ja xensem..