Friday, January 23, 2009

Something Else & Post-18 Ramblings

Presentation was okay, I guess. I recited the poem like any other literature appreciator would. I like literature coz it’s one of those few things that I’m actually good at. I don’t think I’m THAT good actually, but definitely better than some.
Oh yeah, a birthday today. Our beloved Najwaa (meows!) has turned 19. 19. That’s a pretty big number. Or small. Depends on how we look at it really. When I was little, like 10-ish, 19 felt like a million years away, or at least a hundred. Now that I’m only a few months away from that gigantic number, I feel that life has zoomed away. I’M 19 MAN!! Was my life fulfilling? Did I do enough? How many people have I helped along the way? How many people have I hurt along the way? Did I help enough? Did I hurt too much? Questions, I can’t answer them. I don’t have THAT good a memory.
But if you look at it from an older person’s point of view, take the age of my father’s for example. A 40-year-old would look at a 19-year-old and say “ih, dia ni budak lagi nih.. He has so much ahead of him..”. I’m just assuming though. I didn’t actually go and ask my father. That would be crazy.
So I’m young and old at the same time. But for the most part, still young. It may sound like a cliché, but that cliché is true. What’s on the inside is what really matters. If you decide to feel 19, then you’re 19, whatever that means. If you want to feel 40, then be my guest. As the Malays say, asalkan tak kacau duit aku sudah. <---This mentality, to me, is “not very good”. But I think I’ll touch on that at another time. For now, I think I’ll stick being a 19-year-old teenage boy who still has his whole life ahead of him. Cheers!

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