Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tag Me Baby

Well well well.. Finally, I got tagged, so I'm officially on the blogging bandwagon! (Hollow "Yesss!")
Akmal a.k.a. Chom has done me this honour, thus I will try my best to answer whatever questions are asked.. (The questions are in Malay, but do not despair Whatever You Say I Am readers! I shall gladly hit the road, get up and go if I knew.. Eh? I shall gladly translate the questions into English and subsequently answer them in English too! Hooray for anakpakman!!)

1. Anda rasa anda hot?
(1. Do you think you are hot?)
Erm, right now it is in the dead of night, so I'm not feeling that hot really. It's not that cool, but at least my armpits are not perspiring.. However, this is only what I think. Whether I'm really hot or not, I'd have to go get a thermometer, and I don't feel like lifting my a** from the chair right now.

2. Bila kali terakhir makan pizza.
(2. When was the last time you ate a pizza?)
Well, "A PIZZA"? To be honest, I have NEVER downed a whole pizza in one go my entire life, but if you were to accumulate all the pizzas I've had in my lifetime, then I've had several, but that's not really answering the question now is it? The last time I've had a piece of pizza would be on Wahidah's birthday. She was ever so kind in giving us (the guys of Cohort 2) 4 pieces of pizza to be shared among 8 guys, so I didn't even get to eat a real piece. I just had half, but hey, a pizza is a pizza right?

3. Lagu terakhir anda dengar.
(3. The most recent song you have heard.)
Erm, I can't remember!! wait, lemme go check my i-pod.. "Nobody Not Really" by Alicia Keys. No idea what I was doing listening to such things. I would have loved to answer "This House Is A Circus" by Arctic Monkeys or "Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad" by Bless The Fall, but alas, I choose to be truthful. "Nobody Not Really" by Alicia Keys.

4. Apa yang anda sedang buat selain dari tag ini?
(4. What are you occupying yourself with right now other than doing this tag?)
Scratching my BCG mark on my left shoulder.

5. Selain dari nama anda sendiri apa nama yang anda suka dipanggil?
(5. Other than your own name, what other names do you like being called?)
Hm, my real name is Noor Anwar Hadi bin Noor Azman. Other than that, I like being called Anwar, Hadi (nama ensem), and Abang. I wouldn't mind if people started calling me Alex Turner, or even Nas-T (the hair, man, the hair.)

6. Tag lagi 5 orang.
(6. Tag 5 more people.)
I'm just gonna tag my followers, so that they'll know they have been tagged. (Those not mentioned, please understand.)
1. Fatin Nur Atiqah a.k.a. Phyto Hystrix
2. Wahidah
3. TQ
4. Chris Dotagaki
5. Labu Bizkiter (Yus)
Tag! You're it!

7. Siapa no 1?
(7. Who is no. 1?)
Phyto Hystrix! My P.I.C. baybeh! (Partner In Crime). She is my ever so hardworking, earphone super-glued to ears,and soft-spoken assistant, whom I just recently discovered is a year older than myself! Soorrryyy Kak Hystrix! hehe :p

8. Siapakah orang no 2.
(8. Who is no. 2?)
Wahidah a.k.a. Wida a.k.a. Ma' Kembang. She is a girl that finds it hard to keep her mouth shut. Even when she has no one to talk to, she will continue talking, to herself. When she does this, I will try to stay away from her to escape from being dragged into her "internal conflicts". hehe, sori Wida..

9. Orang no 3 ada hubungan dengan sesiapa?
(9. Does no. 3 have a relationship with anyone?)
err, I guess so. She is the daughter to her parents, a sister to her siblings, a friend to her peers, an enemy to her foes (does she have any??), a teammate to her group members, a classmate to her class members, a customer to any shop she buys stuff from, and most importantly, a slave to Allah Almighty.

10. Bagaimana dengan orang no 4.
(10. How about no. 4?)
He is the Cohort Leader for Cohort One. I have nothing but respect for him. His blog is really something I enjoy reading, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. in this department. Honestly readers, I think Cohort One kicks Cohort Two's a**. Especially in DOTA, where I am a non-existent mouth opener. (nganga) aaaaaaaaaa~

11. Nak kata sesuatu berkenaan dengan orang no 5.
(11. Any words for no. 5?)
Hmm, can't say much really. Just that you kick serious butt when it comes to story-telling dawg!

That's all folks!
*que cartoon outro music*
ret tet tet tee~ teeeneeeen!


kacipcrew said...

too bad.. chris dun wan to blog anymore *sigh*

anak pak man said...

why is that so??

anisah shurfa said...

Haha! You're funny! :D Now I'm sorry I didn't come visit your blog earlier. Been too busy laughing at all the ridiculous comments I'm getting on my blog! ;-)

Also, don't be embarrassed that you listen to "Nobody Not Really" by Alicia Keys. Hey, I'm worse; I have N'Sync on my MP3 Player! *Isy, jatuh water face aku*


anak pak man said...

Eowmagawd eowmagawd eowmagawd!!!!
Anisah Shurfa (THE Anisah Shurfa!!) commented on me blog yo!!!
*regains composure and fakes macho-ness*
Why thank you!
No kiddin..I've been laughing my way through it all myself.. Although, I can't imagine what it's like for you..
Hey, N'Sync is cool what? Takes me back to the time when I was a wee little boy, so naive and gullible.. :-D

WiDa said...

Ehemmm...ehemm...passing thru this carpet of anware...

Let me apply my 1st principle of getting a compliment (even though i shouldn't take this post as a compliment)

anwar...thanks 4 being so truthful of what i really am...

now, let me move on to the next principle - "merendah diri". Hmm,for this case, i think i need to change it...change it into "bdk ni mmg nk kena!!!".

hey my lil bro a.k.a my dearest bestfriend or buddy...
amoih...sedapnya hg dok ngata org noh. Nk kena tibai ka??? Kalau hg dok sebelah aq, mmg hg mati kena cekik ngn aq...A dead duck u shall be. Wida, sabaq che noe...brtenang...

Anwar, sorry...

Tp nk bwt mcm mana. Itu memang diriku. Wida da crybaby, Wida da "hard to keep her mouth shut", Wida the cute (ahaks :p)...can't be denied...

So, accept me as the way i am. If u're my lil bro and my buddy, plezzz do me a favour to help me to keep my mouth shut. Not totally shut my mouth, but just a bit, kay!!!

hasta la vista...

kacipcrew said...

hehe.. got some misunderstanding :P anyway solved ed i think..

anak pak man said...

Solved? so he'll be posting new updates soon right?

Max J. Potter said...

seriously, i do think that 'Hadi' is a handsome name. hehe.

phytohystrix said...

Sorry I couldn't leave a comment on your post earlier.. The connection has been very harsh!

phytohystrix said...

There...finally a successful attempt! Ehem. Thx for the compliments,dear PIC! It's just that they asked me-why are there Arctic Monkeys' songs in my laptop? Culture assimilation, I suppose? Haha!

chris federick said...

Hey thx man, thats cool of u to write dat. I hav a new found respect 4 u too. Anyway, juz wanna wish u and all d Cht 2 the best in doing ur exams. Add oil add oil.

anak pak man said...

max: wah! thank you lah teacher! but, only the name lah handsome.. the person? *sigh*

hystrix: they still rock the hardest mate!!

chris: thanx man! means a lot coming from you..
hm, just waiting for the results lah rite now.. no chance to celebrate even.. *sigh*

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

i was tagged?..damn!..haha

anak pak man said...

sorry dude.. but tags are tags, and words are but words.. aih, apa aku dok mengarut neh?? XD