Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No Reasonable Reason

"Shaping clouds with our own fingers.." - This Is Ours by Yuna.

I was getting high on Yuna the other day, playing "This Is Ours" over and over again on my phone while lying on my bed in the Gajus Block. While listening, a line from the song (refer to the 1st line of post) attracted my attention. I dwelled on that line, thinking of how we would such a thing. I came to my own consensus that she was most probably lying on a lush and wide field of grass, inhaling the freshest of airs, uncontaminated by the methane that is excreted by cows (through farting), looking up to the blue sky which is dabbed with clouds here and there just so that it wasn't tagged a "boring sky". And thus, I wondered. "Wouldn't you get itchy after lying on the grass so long?" And so, I made a poem out of that one line, the opening line of the following poem. Hope you enjoy it! (Disclaimer: This poem has nothing to do with what has happened to me or any other person. It's just an idea that I decided to put on paper.)

Maybe Clich├ęs Aren’t So Bad

My skin is getting itchy from the grass,

But I don’t care,

So long as rain clouds don’t appear,

That’ll be fine.

I could feel the warm radiation,

From you to me,

I could feel your eyes looking at mine,


If it was another person, I’d get angry,

I’d be upset and all the things that don’t make you smile,

But because you went back to Him,

I don’t mind.

I’ll try to be strong,

I’ll try to be cool,

I’ll try to be the orphan that keeps going back to school,

I’ll learn a new life,

I’ll go through this strangeness,

Until it’s my turn to join you.



chris federick said...

huhu gave me a shock. I read the poem first then only read d disclaimer. Thk god. Btw gud luck 2 ur cht for d mov drama. Pls do record them coz sadly i can't see it live.

anak pak man said...

hehe.. does it imply my intention of joining the person? that would be surprising, wouldn't it?
yeah, sad indeed.. :C
we'll try to record the night for all of y'all who aren't able to attend..

Ilyana Fauzy said...

:) interesting...

phytohystrix said...

the last stanza is the most memorable one,and the whole poem itself,is a very beautiful piece of urs..simple n meaningful!

pencari sejati said...



athirah mohamed~ said...

sob sob sob.

anak pak man, ko didapati bersalah kerana mensedihkan hati aku.
(ececeh. takleh blah)

nice poem.

saye suke =D

anak pak man said...

aza- :) hope that's a positive "interesting".. hehe

hystrix- thank you! i try..

qib- awat x speechful??

trex- maaf kerana membuat anda sebegitu rupa.. huhu..

aMieR_oDEn said...


good job...keep it up.
how was ur MOV?
nampak cm gempak je td? siap leh jd MC lg... ;o)

anak pak man said...

thanks! hihi!
err, ok jer kot.. hehe..
nnt2 adala post tentang itu..

Ilyana Fauzy said...

Interesting... Of coz it's positive ;)

WiDa said...

tagged! U're it

anak pak man said...


im it..