Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where To Start?

"Today I fell and felt better "- A Box Full Of Sharp Objects by The Used.

Erm.. First of all, Assalamualaikum and Goooooood *checks time* morning. (It is currently 1.26 a.m. in the morning)

It has been a long time since I've posted anything and a very very long time since I've posted any pictures. So you know what? Seeing that I've finally returned to my streamyx-ready home, I'll give you guys a treat! I'll post lots and lotsa poctures with cool captions on them! Hooray for Anak Pak Man!!!

.Batu Feringghi Trip.
4 chicks and a pimp. (kidding, of course!)
From left: Atikah Biru, Atie, Natrah, Lara, and some guy.
My Social Studies (SS) group rented a car to go up to Batu Feringghi to celebrate 1) Natrah's Birthday. 2) Completing our SS exhibition earlier that week.

It ain't no birthday without no cake, no?


Don't look at the camera!
This is us (TESL Cohort 2 Cycle 3) during our English Language Outreach Programme at SK Titi Tok Bandar, Kangar, Perlis, posing in front of our mural to the school. Cool right? Credit for the mural design goes out to the Mural comittee (Afifi & the gang).

Lots and lotsa children..

Scary kids scaring kids..

It's dirt cheap!
Some of the girls helping out during community service to the Kampung area.

Me and the girls doing the mural.

.Team Building.

League of the Disabled.
During our team building activity, tower building, at Aqua Inn Homestay.
The objective of the game was to build the highest tower out of the 5 groups using newspaper. The catch was that each team member had a disability. (I was a mute.)

Handsome Threesome?
From left: Afifi, Syazwan, Amirul (the one at the back).
The boys resting on our bed in our house for 2 nights.

"Don't cry Najihah.. They're food. They don't feel any pain.."
During our barbeque night (the last night there).

"I'll tell you one thing.."
Mr Frank (Miss Letch's friend, second from left) certainly said more than "one thing" that night.

What camera?
Some guy walking around with Azie (his cousin) at Padang Besar. We didn't actually buy anything for ourselves. We bought comforters for Zalya's and Azie's mothers which had both helped us out tremendously on this project (ELOP). May God bless you both.

.Lela Mayang.

"I smell sirap!"
I entered a play entitled "Lela Mayang", and we (Persatuan Anak Drama IPGM KPP a.k.a. PADI) performed it in P. Ramlee Auditorium in Penang on the nights of the 8th and 9th of May 2009. Alhamdulillah, it was a success. the picture shows some guy who played a character named "Andak", a dude caught up in his little brother's sin of getting a girl pregnant and dealing with the problems that surfaced afterwards. Poor guy. Dies in the end. *WUPS~* I didn't just spoil it for you guys, did I? (macam la depa taw benda apa..) huhu.. Aa! And credit to Mr. Paan, whom I stole this picture from.. Thank you Mr. Paan!

"Camera shy? What's that?"
The whole PADI family responsible for the Drama performance that night.

And that's all from me. Won't be uploading photos again in a long time again, I guess. Next up, TESL 2 Langkawi Trip. Hope that goes well. I'll write about it, InsyaAllah.
(Now to finally start doing my Pendidikan Islam Folio..)


pencari sejati said...

g langkawi..

x ajk pun...

phytohystrix said...

this is funny...some guy,huh?
yeah,mr frank-"i'll tell u one thing,.." n they were thousands of them. aw. but i found his words meaningful,though it took like forever to sit n listen. n the 'league of d disabled'??? oh my,azlan's the funniest!! how'd he know n smile,he was supposed to be blind! lan,lan.. :D

kacipcrew said...

yeah.. tesl 2 rawk! hope the new tesl 2 cohort 3 will also rawk! hahah.. to tesl 1 n tesl 3 readers.. feel free to comment :D .. btw, nice act

HILMI FUAD said...

huh..that cake looks tasty...
btw congratz for ur Lela Mayang..
u did a brilliant job!

anak pak man said...

qib- saja xajak..dah p SP aritu pon ada org xajak gak..huhu

hystrix- hehe, just doin my job..

PD- yeah! TESL 2 da bom! hehe

boll- thank you! *blushes..*

aMieR_oDEn said...

hai andak..i'm juz drop by, viewing your blog...nice blog.
juz wondering..."menda ape yg kami xtaw haa?"hehe
by da way u did good job for da play especially - being my "brother".hehe (perasan mude memang muda pon kan?)
proud to be your little cute brother (ahaks:P)

Mr_Paan said...

haha...ui andak, ambik gmbar dr blog aku xletak credit pon...(hehe just is the pic of u anyway..haha)

aMieR_oDEn said...

hey andak...juz drop by viewing your blog.hhehe
bout da lela mayang, glad to be your "cute little brother" hehhe(kidding, of course!).
u did a good job for da role play...but i'm juz wondering, "bende ape yg kitorg x taw ha..?" (ahaks :p)

anak pak man said...

amir- hehe. glad to be ur "cute bigger brother" too! hehe. thanks. u weren't bad yourself.. err, biarlah rahsia? hehe

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

nutin' much coz im heading to my hometown!!!!yeah!!!!balik kampong!!..haha

nice post..delicious cake..gud acting..sory cant make it to ur MOV presentation..btw, njoy ur holiday!..=P

anak pak man said...

thank you.thank you and thank you labubizkiter! enjoy urs too!

aMieR_oDEn said...

hey andak, what MOV stand for?
cam gempak je bunyinyer...bila tu?leh tgk ker?

erm...i like da cake, look nice...but mcm familiar je tempat tu?hehhe

EL90 said...

hey kertz....oh my!!i baru berpeluang tgk ur blog..bpak poyo la kau bai...haha but neway, nice one...i dont know what to call this post...3in1??but i think its more than 3 activities in 1 post???huhuhuh gud luck kertz