Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Day, Another Bother

"Aku takut akan semua dosa-dosaku" Andaiku Tahu by Ungu.

I don't usually listen to Indonesian songs, but the above song is playing on my roommate's laptop, and the song's really not bad. It actually has the onion-to-eyes effect when you're really listening to it loudly in the rain while reflecting all the bad things (sins) you've done in life and the day of reckoning. Let's hope we get there without stumbling too much along the way, yeah?

Anyway, about the title of the post, it really doesn't have much to do with the actual post. I wanted to share with you guys some interesting facts that our Language Development (LDV) lecturer, Madam Nurul Nadia gave us in class this morning.

She came into class this morning and introduced herself to us explaining that she's going to be replacing Miss Chong this semester in teaching us LDV. She briefly explained how learning under her was going to be like, what she allowed/disallowed in class, what she looks for in students, what she expects from us and stuff like that. She "opened story" (bukak cerita, as the Malays say it) about her experience overseas in the UK, as we were to go study in Australia on our 2nd and 3rd year in our B. Ed. course. Here's some interesting facts that she gave a lowdown on us about Westerners, or as we say it, omputehs.

  1. When they finish bathing, they just walk out of the shower like that, baring everything for all, so we have got to prepare for that.
  2. Don’t be surprised to see guys coming out of girls’ rooms in the morning, or anytime for that matter, and vice versa. It’s normal.
  3. They drink when they’re happy. They drink when they’re sad. They drink when they’re thirsty, and even when they’re not. They drink to celebrate. To forget a bad day, they drink. And no, I’m not talking about drinking sparkling Ribena here. You know what I mean.
  4. The guys over there can be pretty “cheeky” (understatement there). An example that Madam gave: At three in the morning, the guys went down to one of the girls’ rooms, unhinged the door, and ran off with it, leaving the inside of the room bare for all to see. Cheeky huh?
  5. If we say we don’t do this-and-this (such as drinking, shagging, etc.) for religious purposes, they’re cool with it. They respect us and our religion.
  6. White-chicks dig Asian men. ;P

So, if I'm lucky enough to get there, I've got to watch out for these things and be prepared to get shocked. I also have to be strong and resist all the temptations that will come my way. I hope I'm able to do that, and I also hope that us Malaysians will look out for each other when we get there. Remind ourselves where we come from and not drift too far from ourselves. Another thing is that we have to open our minds over there and don't condemn others for being the way they are. It's just because they were raised in a different environment, so we must understand, but not emulate. Keep our values strong and InsyaAllah, we'll come back to Malaysia as better, more understanding, more open-minded people.

Cheerio mates!


phytohystrix said...

dr pamela's stories sounded real interesting,mdm nadia's sounded adventurous though,wonder how'd it be like..

anak pak man said...

this is her experience in the UK..
maybe australia's different.. we don't know..

chris federick said...

aiks... that's more like what I've been doing my whole life. =P jking.

anak pak man said...

haha.. well, i'm not really used to all of that, coz that's just not how a boy from a place called "bedong" lives.. huhu

the unknown said...

lol. i still remember a story i heard.

he was awakened in the middle of the night by the bangin' on the door. angry, he opened it and saw his hommie between two cute gals.

"hey, wanna share? got these ladies for us.." his hommie asked.

yeah, these mat salleh mmg pemurah, x kedekut. said my friend to himself. terkejut, he said..

"nah. got one already.."

closed the door and continued to sleep alone.

ppl studyin abroad can end up between two extremes.

1. totally westernized
2. totally religious

another friend, who came from a hedo party end up bein completely pious. he said..

"i know now why im so lucky to know islam.. else i could juz be like one of em.. "

Ilyana Fauzy said...

haha. ive been to Australia before and I dunno in college. But at home, they definitely don't do these naughty stuff. Seriously. But they really respect our religion. I remember the time my foster dad went out to search for a butcher that has the Halal Certificate. He went out all day and didn't find it. The next day, he went out again and got the certificate and photostatted it for me n my friend to see. Haha. Really cool. Had a nice lasagna cooked for us later that day. Yummy~!

anak pak man said...

*jaw drops*
err, yeah.. REALLY generous.. I hope I turn out to be the latter.. InsyaAllah.. Thanks for dropping by!

Really gotta hand it to those mat sallehs, they know how to be accommodating.. Thanks for sharing!

Nada Syazana said...

You get two ends of the spectrum...the really2 nice omputehs, and the really2 nasty drunk ones. I had my share of both. The nice ones were really2 nice...but the nasty drunk ones...eiiii, rasa macam nak tetak2 je dgn parang. They're so effing racist! This is based on my experience in Victoria of course, not so sure about the other states.

And I nod vigorously to the 3rd statement about them drinking alcohol like water.

anak pak man said...

I hope to get to meet more of the former rather than the latter.. But it would be entertaining to watch a wasted white dude/chick from afar.. very entertaining indeed..
thanks for the comment!

pencari sejati said...

bley caye ke anak pak man nie bile dh ad kat sane nnt?
cm x bley jer..

juz kidding la..
selagi ko boleh, ad iman dan amal..
pasti boleh...

diri kita sendiri yg tentukan nya...
saling ingt mengingati

anak pak man said...

insyaAllah la.. aku msok KRS dah lani, so cogan kata aku lani ialah ILMU,IMAN,AMAL.. xdak masalah la kot nnt.. hehe.. hidup KRS!!!

Max J. Potter said...

i've spent four years in shah alam, and none of the ones in the list surprises me. i've seen more. so much more. even stuff the omputehs don't do.

ah well.

it's malaysia. and she's multicultural. what was i expecting?

all the best!

anak pak man said...

i can only imagine.. huhu