Sunday, June 14, 2009


“Otak dia di buah dada” Eh! By Wani Ardy.

I really should be finishing my reflection on the Merchant of Venice dramatization. But, being the procrastinator I am, I’ve decided to fool around with my guitar. (Don’t get any wrong ideas here.. Naughty btoi..)

After listening to Wani Ardy on T-Rex’s blog and checking out Wani Ardys’ as well, I felt the urge to play around with some chords and pen something down. I got a stupid (and that’s an understatement y’all) song, and I’ve decided to share my stupid song with all’a y’all.

They say it isn’t good to expose our aib (short-comings) to other people, but I want to let this be on record, so that I can laugh at how stupid I was when I turn 33 years old (that is, if I reach that age.. InsyaAllah..) . It will be the greatest present I could have ever given myself! XD

So that brings us to the title of this post. I’m discontent over the fact that I can’t write good songs. I can’t make good, catchy melodies. I’m jealous with Wani Ardy, Alex Turner, even Boy for being able to write songs. Huhu >___<

But I know that this is all in His plan, so Alhamdulillah I say for all that I have,and Alhamdulillah also for all that I don’t. So, boys and girls, the moral of the story is, believe in God, believe in His will, and believein Qadha and Qadar.

Everything always, ALWAYS, happens for a reason. There’s always a silver lining in every dark cloud. Who knows? If I were able to write good songs, I might be a riak (boastful) person, and that is committing a small syirik right there, kan?

So, all together now, ALHAMDULILLAH!!


-Lyrics in the comment box.

-I was bored when I wrote this song. Plus, my prepaid had expired, so I drew inspiration from that. I guess this song goes out to all those people who texted me but didn’t get a reply.



athirah mohamed~ said...


u glamerkan i la.
rase cm boatsful person plak.

ish. riak riak.
syirik kecil.

but hey,
she's good rite?
like it =D.

and lagu hg not bad la.
tapi sbb mybe slow sangat, so tak jelas ko nyanyi apa.
dengar melodi je.

uhuk uhuk uhuk.

masalah pndengaran terlampau parah.


anak pak man said...

tret- oh ya, bru teringat, xbubuh lyrics lagik! thx for reminding me..

anak pak man said...

Turn on that radio,
turn off the light, you'll know,
that your ears will open to
all the things locked inside,
wish you knew how to fight,
all the feelings that are rushing in.

And you'll say
This is how we look inside
Just close your eyes and try to fly.
Then you'll know
What good music does to you
Laugh it off and let it go!

My apologies for,
My apologies for,
Not returning your calls!

You see, I didn't have enough credit in my phone,
So, if you will,
Topup for this poor man,
Show compassion? sure you can!
Topup for me~

*stupid, i know..

athirah mohamed~ said...

tersangat la poyo.

lirik tue awal-awal cam melankolik la jugak.
masuk akal dan dijamin halal.

but then?
tolong topup kan?


takleh blah betol mamat neh.

kah kah kah.


anak pak man said...

tret- bgosla it made you smile pepagi buta neh..hehe

rhapsody LiN said...

i've finished with my merchant..


Ilyana Fauzy said...

hey, i just realized.... i x follow ur blog lg pdhal slalu bkk. haha

anak pak man said...

lin- xtanya pon.. *nada yang sangat JELEZ* hehe ;P

T.E.I.- really? ptotla rasa macam kurang followers ja.. *ehem2*

Max J. Potter said...

ahaha, that was pretty cool (because it's straightforward! hehe). write more and sing more!! huhu.

btw, your comment on my blog was awesome. i like it. XD

anak pak man said...

max- hehe, glad you liked it.. yeah, i write a bit here and there, just to fool around..
me comment? awesome? aww, shucks~ *blushes* ;P thanks!

kacipcrew said...

hoh! last paragprah 0wn3d ya! hahaha nice one..

anak pak man said...

pd- Own3d? I'm not quite sure i understand u there pd.. glad u like it tho! thx..

phytohystrix said...

i'm still thinking,still trying hard to relate it. see,u know that i'd think for long n still won't get it in a short while. huhu...teach me will ya?

anak pak man said...

no relation kot?

Nada Syazana said...

Dude, NOTHING beats the bodoh-ness of my self-written songs. When I listen to the ones I've recorded, I just shrink and get a very strong urge to kill myself.

Honestly speaking, I think your song's really cute. I can imagine it recomposed studio-style...kinda an OK-Go+Arctic Monkeys+The Strokes sorta vibe.

anak pak man said...

not even my bodoh-songs? then urs must be pretty friggin daft.. hehe.. (in a good, daft punk, way)..
yo, don't start comparing me with the legends that are the arctic monkeys! even if i got a hair of the talent they've got, I'd be a singer-songwriter having yuna as my opening act right now..

phytohystrix said...



anak pak man said...

who knows? hehe

Nada Syazana said...

Oh trust me, my songs are whack. And you're a very BIGGG Arctic fan, eh? Then you should be flattered that I made that comparison. Prft.

anak pak man said...

big fan indeed.. Give me any of their songs and I'm bound to be singing along. can't wait for their new album to come out..
and I am flattered, seriously. But I feel I don't deserve it. Seriously..

phytohystrix said...

uhuh,who knows but u?

:P :p :P !!!



anak pak man said...

yeah, i am the only one who knows.. hehe

Nada Syazana said...

Aww, you're so humble. Tell you what, we come to a mutual agreement. I compare you to the Arctic Monkeys and you compare me to Olga Kurylenko...and the both of us will act cool like we really deserve it. Fair enough? ;)

anak pak man said...

okay then.. You sound like Olga Kurylenko (whoever that might be)..
and i AM cool. hehe