Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome Home and A First!

“Take off the shoes that you hate.” – Right Now by Dustbox

Salutations to all of you who call yourselves land-lovers. To those not so fond of land, go jump off a bridge.

Bungee-jumping is mighty fun!

Allow me to explain my absence to any of you who might have been wondering “Where the *&^% is anak pak man??” I’ve been away on holiday to where else but to my lovely kampung, Kuala Krai, Kelantan. But before we (the family) went there, we took a stroll on the dangerous side. We went to Hatyai, Thailand for a 3 day, 2 night visit to “unwind”. Sure, we went there, “unwound” and stuff. After spending our 3 days there, we shot back home to Kuala Krai through the Rantau Panjang border. We passed through, even had lunch at, Narathiwat, oblivious to what was to happen the very next day. To my astonishment, a car bomb had exploded there, in Narathiwat, and the day after that was to be the day that saddens me to no end. A congregation of people committing themselves to Allah in Isya’ prayers, were committed murder against by “some low LOW people”. Those people, who dare enter the holy house of Allah and commit such a crime as murder unto 12 people, should be called nothing but scum. May we bequeath upon those souls who gave their lives in the road of righteousness an al-Fatihah.

I do consider myself and my family a very lucky bunch of people to be out of that dreadful region of the world a day before the sheer stupidity started. Alhamdulillah. I now hope that I never have to go to that appalling country again. I really do dislike it. I don’t care what you say. I’d take Padang Besar over Hatyai any day man. Any day.

Bloody mess..

Oh yeah, upon 6 hours of our arrival to my grandparent’s house in Kampung Tualang (which has no phone line coverage, by the way) my grandfather suddenly fell quite sick. We were REALLY worried as he didn’t even go to Friday prayers because he couldn’t even find the strength to even get out of bed. We worried that it might be another case of Chikugunya (is this the right spelling?) So we took him to the hospital that night, and after a magic injection by the good doctors of Kuala Krai District Hospital (which also happens to be the place where I was born) had made him feel a little better. All he needed, said the doctor, was enough water and enough rest. So for the rest of our holiday, we gave him plenty of both.

I didn’t want to disturb his rest, so I entertained myself in completing my reading of “To Kill A Mockingbird” by what’s-her-name. (I’m really bad at remembering names of authors). Great read. Makes us realise what kind of world we’re living in. makes us aware of racism and all that gargle. Read it for yourself if you’d like. You won’t regret it. It makes you think. Thinking goooood. Not thinking baaaaad. (Sounding like a retard).

Being in such a kampung-like place called “Kuala Krai” didn’t mean it was really so hulu (rural) that it was cut-off from technology. Not at all. In fact, there are TWO (that’s right, one is so yesterday..) cyber cafes in town. All that was required of me was to drive (or brought) 5 minutes into the pekan (town) of Kuala Krai and voila! Internet access at RM3 an hour! (Expensive for a kampung cyber café, but better this than nothing right?) I kept up my blog hopping, without really having the spirit to write anything. Home is truly where the heart is, and, in this case, where my blog-writing is too! I love you Streamyx..

I have now just returned from my rather long holiday, after saying goodbye and wishing all the best of health to my grandparents.

Inspired by the Inquisitive Instigator’s post, I have decided to put up video that I have been drooling over of late. This is my first time posting a video. Hope you enjoy! (Hit you back, Aza!)

These guys are 9mm Parabellum Bullet, a kick-ass band from Japan. I've only started listening to them yesterday, and they already rank highly among my most favourite bands.Go to


athirah mohamed~ said...

sangat dasat gile sesuke ati je tembak orang kat surau.
ngeri dowh.

may ALLAH SWT bless them.

btw, nice holidays.
at least, jadik cucu yang berjaye gak hg neh.


anak pak man said...

may Allah bless them..
goes to u too!
hehe, mana ada..
*tersipu2 malu sehingga hilang setiap cebisan macho yang pernah hinggap d muka anak pak man*

pencari sejati said...

bez gk journey ko erk...

aku teringn nk g sane gk..
ke selatan thai...

musti bez kan...

kejadian menembak org yg ngah SOLAT
sgt2 truk la...
moga ALLAh merahmati roh2 arwah

p/s:windu nyer kat family, kampung, umah, anak kucing, mak kucing.....(ye la balik maktab awl)

rhapsody LiN said...

ak pon tgh mnghabiskan moking bird ney..
skrg bru chpter 4.
adusss~ got another 29 chapter to finish!

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

dat tragedy do affect my's kinda da same tragedy apen to my sedara over there.
alfatihah to the victim
hope no more killing of muslim..
pray for it..

* n just noe dat u r part of kelantanese..haha...

anak pak man said...

qib- xbes mana pon.. if you like BIG prawns, then kat situ blambak lah. seekor rm 10, so AGAK besar lah. selain daripada tu, xdak pa pon. aku beli jam kat situ, balik2 trus rosak.. aram toi!

lin- baca jangan xbaca cek oi.. xdak hal nya.. budak medic pandai2 kan? hehe

labu- let's hope so..
just knew kah? hehe, saya xbrapa boleh cakap kelantan, so xcakap kat orang la kata klate sebenarnya..cuma tulis lam blog jea..hehe