Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just Another Poem

"A whisper from the wind and I can't help but listen", Johnny Sniper by Enter Shikari.

Another day another chance to rescue~

Sorry, got a little carried away there. Enter Shikari is good-lah, I have to say. Anyway, back this post. A lot has happened this week. I watched Transformers 2 (who hasn't?) with the guys of Cohort 2, I went for Biro Tata Negara Camp, and I went to pick some fresh fruits from Azie's Tok's orchard in Kulim, just to name a few. But I won't be posting about all that stuff. I'll be posting a poem that I wrote while in the ferry trip to Butterworth on my way to the orchard. Again, it is just a short one, and one of my deeper ones (which isn't that deep, really..). It's open to interpretations. I'll post about all the other stuff when I regain my mood for blogging. Oh, and I have a tag from ButirStar that is still pending. I'll get to that soon (very general "soon" here). Here it is (the poem).

Human Innocence

Sunlight reflects off the water,
I try to stare but my eyes falter,
Beautiful as they may seem,
It's all just a poisonous gleam.

I squint my eyes and try to see you,
But the spark is too bright reflected off the blue,
As if enhanced in light ray frequency,
But it is I who is weak, that's reality.

The sea with all its majesty,
Can be treacherously dangerous,
Don't blame us, humans innocent,
We just take up its space to build a new renaissance.

This metaphor I give you,
I hope you understand,
That when everything is over,
You can still hold His hand.



phytohystrix said...

One of ur best pieces so far. Very meaningful..when it all come to an end I hope for His forgiveness,nothing more. And yes,we human are that innocent that we don't realize how much we've actually taken n still they're not enough. As deep as the sea,as far as eyes could see,there are the secrets of life. Some of those beautiful ones,and some of those that take everything u hv to understand. Everything-that are not even ours but lent by Him. Come to a point,how we're bound to His destiny,how powerless we are.

anak pak man said...

thanks.. *blushes* ehehe..
yeah, very true.. Riding the ferry in the morning had an effect on me, me thinks..

phytohystrix said...

yeah,i heard that it's great to hv a ride in the morning. i haven't got the chance yet,so far i've only had the experience on the ferry in the evening n at night. wow,it's really beautiful..the glimmers n the cold breeze,were breathtaking.. :) that'd be perfect for a poem or two!

WiDa said...

Another great piece of art, eh? Congratz...I love reading your poems and ofcoz Ms.Hystrix...xD

anak pak man said...

yeah, at night pon bes gak, tapi xpenah cuba lagi..hehe
yeah, inspirational place to be.. on penang's own old ferry..(good rhyming couplet) haha

I have no idea why you congratulate me.. it's no achievement in any way.. but i can appreciate the sentiment.. thank you..

Nada Syazana said...

Whoops! *angkat tangan* I haven't watched Transformers 2!

And nice poem. I can picture a dude sitting at the back of a ferry, staring into the wide blue in between scribblings...oh yea, ada kopi O sebelah dia. Very deep, man. Very deep.

anak pak man said...

serious xtengok lagi?? U should, really, u should.. It just shoots past all levels of awesome, that movie.. that is, if you're interested in things such as robots mashing each other up for a guy whose name is as wierd as witwicky..
Kopi O on a ferry? I'd spill that all over meself and write a hate poem straight afterwards.. haha
thanks.. thinking of turning this into a song though.. it's just that my guitar has caught the swine flu, so it'll be a few weeks before i get to touch it again..

Nada Syazana said...

Yea man, belum tengok lagi movie tu sampai hari ni. Am I pathetic or what? Oh, I am interested in robots alright...which is why I confuse myself with the fact that I haven't watched Terminator Salvation! *slaps face with palm*
Aww, poor guitar! You have a name for it? Hope the flu's self-limiting. Here, lemme give you a tip. Keep picking at the G-string til it recovers ;p

anak pak man said...

I don't have a name for it. I just call it "my guitar".
sigh, that's the thing, it's not wearing its g-string. >__<"
"My guitar" is under intensive care at the moment. I'm revamping it by changing all the strings and also the "tuner" thingies. But I'm still waiting for a bit of income to do all that..
Donations, anyone?

Nada Syazana said...

Kinky gila your guitar weh going commando without a G-string. *shakes head* Ahh, I would donate if I were a Hilton heiress. Unfortunately, these pockets are dusty. For the time being, play Frets on Fire ke. That should get the 'gian main guitar' off temporarily ;)

anak pak man said...

ala, xkan xdak any g-strings lying around ur bed area? huhu.
I'm currently pissing my next door neighbour off by treating his guitar as if it were mine.. I even carved my name on it. (nah, joking.. that would be too cruel..)

Nada Syazana said...

Wait. Check laci jap. G-string nylon ok? Or is that too soft for your liking? I don't have steel ones cuz see, I'm classical.

Okay that was totally inappropriate despite my honest attempt for a strictly-guitar talk.

LOL! Gila nak carve nama kat harta orang. Nyhoo, it's been 2 weeks now. Got your baby repaired yet?

anak pak man said...

La, lam laci? Ingat lying on the floor n gantung2 camtu jea.. Good girl, terurus.. hehe
I'm a steel fan myself.. Never liked the feel of nylon rubbing against my skin..
and steel, to me, sounds better.
Regarding my guitar, nope.. Poor thing. I've been meng-anak tiri-kan it for a long time now.. It's just that money hasn't gone out of the red for a long time now.. Waiting for my allowances so that I can attack the Queensbay Yamaha music store and get my shiz! huahuahua, Yamaha, beware!!
(Totally unnecessary)