Monday, December 7, 2009

Depression Potion (Tag From Neynie)

"16 just held such better days," Adam's Song by Blink 182.

So I got tagged by Neynie from Neynie's Labyrinth. Might as well.

So, what would I do if I felt sad or depressed over something?

Here are some things that I would or would not do. You try guessing for yourself. *Cheeky laugh*

Neynie: Ske ati jer dier ubah aku nyer tag.. (What? He changed/modified my tag to make it better??)

1. Beat somebody up. Bad.

Where's your umbrella now, biatch!?

Not even the princess of R&B would be safe from me when I get really depressed. So whoever sees me not in a good mood should shut up and drive the hell out of my way before I send you in for physical rehab. You don't wanna see how this good boy turns bad, so put out an SOS, ya dig?

2. Weep helplessly.


When I *sob* can't take it anymore, *sob* I just need to let out a good cry, let the pain and misery flow out of my eyes like clear, liquid needles out of my system. Of course, I'm a dude and it's just not right seeing a dude crying in public, so I'll escape to the nearest powdering room to weep my little heart out.

3. Play Rock Riot! on Facebook.

The Guitar Hero of Facebook!

When I'm feeling down in the dumps, there's nothing like a good game of "Rock Riot" to sooth the soul and turn all that sappy sadness into testosterone filled madness of jamming on your numerals on your keyboard and gain sweet satisfaction from getting five-stars and 300-combo while earning your badges and accessorizing your rocker with a much needed afro and Converse. If only I had the real Guitar Hero.. *sigh*

4.Be on my own.

Seclusion potion.

When the world gets me down, I simply run away. Yup, being alone can work wonders on myself. It gives me a chance to contemplate things, argue stuff out with myself, sing, praise the Creator's majestic creations, remind myself of how fortunate I really am to be living, breathing, given a chance to better my chances in the afterlife and ultimately seek happiness. We sometimes need to listen to ourselves, because most of the time, we make sense.

5. Read the al-Qur'an.

One on one with the number One.

When my world doesn't seem to shine like it used to, I can always count on the words of God to sooth me. They're the ultimate words and in those words your soul feels glee and you repent from your sadness, knowing that life shouldn't be lived with a frown. You find calmness and security from the Holy Book, reminded that everything happens for a reason, and everything will work out for the better, InsyaAllah.

Anyone up for this one?



Neynie Azhan said...

mmg sesuke hati jew neh.
grr.grr.nh na marah neh,
i choose beating somebody up.
sounds muc btter,

Neynie Azhan said...


Nada Syazana said...

I second seclusion! Counselling only helps so much. Last2, escaping to a beach far2 away ALONE jugak yang berkesan. I pray you won't experience depression :)

anak pak man said...

hehe.. no probs.. I was getting bored anyway.. :)

Yeah, sitting alone really helps yeah?
But some people don't understand that.. *sigh*

phytohystrix said...


Out of those,the last one helps most. If you need to cry,it will make you. If you need some peace of mind,there's nothing else comparable to it.

But yes of course,a few others help too cume x setanding dgn ktngn when we meditate (ache SS plk) and read His holy verses..

This tag is in my list..


Jean said...

wow wat happened to rihanna's face?

A smile from SJ =)

anak pak man said...

Panjangkah list tersebut? hehe

"I beat her up. Bad." says Chris Brown.. :P

phytohystrix said...

blh thn. ble dibukak list tu,kluo pintu. >_< ape hehe hehe?

anak pak man said...

garangnya.. tamaw gelak dah pasni.. >_<

phytohystrix said...

Memang. Xnak gelak,sudeh. Humph!





anak pak man said...


Max J. Potter said...

you're invited!

btw, i totally agree with read the al-quran point. it relieves so much.

anak pak man said...

thanks for the invite teacher!
and yeah, it does..