Monday, July 12, 2010

Tag by Putri Almi

"It's in the pain that I can see," Merit for Sadness by Haste The Day.

After forever of not posting anything, a tag.


Note: You're going to have to highlight the answers. I can't seem to change the colour.. boohoo

“sejauh mana anda mengenali diri anda”

"how far do you know yourself"
  1. Nama panggilan (pet name): Unfortunately, I don't have any pets. But if I did, it would be Plarry the Platipus!
  2. Saya suka (I like..) : big butts and a can of lard. Hammer time!
  3. Sahabat-sahabat baik saya (My good friends): are not my bad friends.
  4. Saya tak faham (I don't understand..): a lot of things. But most of all, how they put the jelly inside of doughnuts that have jelly inside them. Talk about mystery..
  5. Ramai yang kata saya (A lot of people say that I..): need a shower.
  6. Saya paling meluat bila (I hate it most when..): people litter. grrrr
  7. Aktiviti / program hari ini (Today's activity/programme.): enter class and smile for the cameras.
  8. Perancangan hujung minggu (Weekend plans) : Screams in my dreams.
  9. Saya rasa kesal bila (I feel regret when..) : I wished I did something else.
  10. Saya rasa saya seorang yang (I feel that I am..) : too bored when I'm not too busy..
  11. Pengalaman pahit untuk minggu ini (Bad experience of the week) :having to miss classes to go to Consumer Camp.
  12. Pengalaman manis untuk minggu ini (Good experience of the week) : going to Cameron Highlands for Consumer Camp. (This is a lie)
  13. Kali terakhir tengok wayang (Last time I went to the movies) : I cried.
  14. Dalam seminggu saya akan up-date blog sebanyak (In a week, I update my blog..) : No I don't..
  15. 5 Orang yang anda rasa nak tag :Dia tu, him, her, that person over there, and you..


ヌルシャフィカー.チー. said...

1st tym (rsenye..) kne wat byk keje utk mmbace... (i mean, highlighting the answers)

anak pak man said...

Hehe, agak nyusahkan, tp berbaloi..
trima kasih kerana sudi membaca.. :)

ヌルシャフィカー.チー. said...

bbaloi la gak...
to read ur unexpected answers...

anak pak man said...

huahua, thanks again~