Friday, January 28, 2011

By The Water #3

"I'm being chased by my imagination," The Thespian by Alesana.

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He smacked his forehead a little too hard, but he felt he deserved it. "Man, why did I turn into such a retard?" He honestly didn't know. It was just a waitress. Plain-old-nothing-too-special-waitress.

But of course, she was wearing a headscarf. It's been a while since he last saw one of those. Or maybe he's seen them, but never really cared to look. He never really looked at any girls, really. Not that he swung the other way or anything; he just didn't want to look that much. There was never really much to look at. And even if he did, what would he be hoping for? The girl to suddenly look back and come up to him and say "Let's go out?" Dream on brother.

He now raised his hand again, but thought better of smacking his head again and brought the slap down to his lap. "I knew I forgot something!" He turned his head to look into the shophouse and saw that she was serving some teh tarik to a table of guys about his age. He pursed his lips and looked back at his book and nasi lemak which he had abandoned for his thoughts. Almost forgot they were there.

He proceeded to dig into his nasi lemak while his eyes scanned the lines of the book. His eyes were on the book, his mouth was filled with rice, but he wasn't digesting any of that. He only had one thing on his mind.

The glass of warm milk finally appeared on the corner of his eye.

"Wa'alaikumsalam," he said looking up to the waitress.

A puzzled looked materialised on the girl's face.

"Sorry I didn't reply your salam earlier," he said with a smile, feeling that he needed to explain himself.

The girl half-smiled and left without another word.

He watched her walk away until a person walking by disturbed his gaze. He didn't even realise that he was looking at her. He continued to shove rice into his mouth, which was now smiling for what reason he did not know, but he liked it. Looks like he's going into class with a good mood today. And possibly, thought he, every other day too.


May peace be upon you.



نور توفيقة ادريس said...

The person writing this type of story is ironically the person who made all those type of videos~

Good luck=)

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anak pak man said...

نور توفيقا,
why is it ironic miss? thanks!

nur misnan,
thanks! :D

nfjunsu said...

hi! i love your writing style..
i'll keep on following for sure.!

نور توفيقة ادريس said...

Cus to read through lines of the story, i would imagine a very tender and calm person..

Then to watch the vid, it's like,
"eh. belemoihnya dia ni~"

Nothing negative though. It's fun=)

anak pak man said...

thanks and thanks! :D

نور توفيقا,
hehe, well, thanks anyways! :D

Z said...

awww sweet :D

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