Wednesday, February 2, 2011

By The Water #5

"It wonders me, how soon will it be?" Sunny Cloudy by Delude.

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They sat on the bench by the city park's lake, side by side. The view of the sunset there was stunning. They both mouthed "Subhanallah," almost in sync, but they didn't notice. Nur had been coming here to witness this majestic show of God for quite a while now, but it was Aliff's first time.

They wed just a day ago, and their fingers were still red with inai (henna), and they still couldn't bring themselves to hold eye contact for more than 5 seconds straight at any one time. This was fantastic. Perfect, almost, thought Nur.

Aliff thought back to the incident when they first exchanged words, him stuttering like and idiot just to order a glass of milk. He was glad he remembered to reply her Salaam, or else none of this would have happened. This. Ah, it still makes him smile from ear to ear just by thinking about it.

Nur noticed her husband's sudden smile and gave a puzzled look in his direction. Aliff broke out of his meditation when he noticed his wife's curiosity. He just let out a breathe of a laugh and put his arm around her. Quite awkwardly he did this, but he didn't care anymore. This is my wife, and I love her.

Nur was a little taken aback with this new ground broken by her husband. But in a few moments she got comfortable in his arms and felt safe and secure. She redirected her gaze towards the lake and the sunset. Now it's perfect.


Please take some time to make a prayer for all the Malaysian citizens in Egypt. May they get back to Malaysia safely and soundly.

May peace be upon you.



Dee said...

Just saw your video,and I suffer from a bad case of stomach ache cause I roll on the floor and laugh.Hard.

(That's a compliment)

anak pak man said...

thanks so much! i'm glad i could make u laugh.. :)

Asma said...

hey there!
just watched your vids and now reading some of ur blog contents. your english is superb! i lived in states before, but i don't think i can write as good as you! my grammar is still wobbly!

keep it up aight :)

anak pak man said...

hehe, thanks and thanks! insyaAllah, i'll try.. :)

Harith said...

Yes! Well, Im here to give a comment on your latest vid. How awkward, why here and not there. Anyway, I've been waiting for someone to come out with something to say about the whole thing. Bahasa cute, haha. And, you did! Great video, love it very much. Looking forward for more :D

Dee said...

I don't know if you've heard of Ryan Higa, but he posts videos on Youtube too.And he is hilarious! You sort of remind me of him. He's from Hawaii. He goes by nigahiga in Youtube.
Check him out

that's if you don't know about him, yet.

anak pak man said...

thanks for the comment! you have a point there.. why not there? hehe, Thanks and thanks!

a person who hasn't heard of nigahiga hasn't heard of youtube.. seriously.. :P

Anonymous said...

this sounds like a riddle. i don't know. i think too much kot.

anak pak man said...

teacher max,
riddle? well, you'll find out when the story ends.. still a few more episodes though.. :)
thanks for the comment teacher!

Harith said...

But seriously, I never get bored watching your video, over and over again. Even my mom enjoys watching it. Hahah.

anak pak man said...

:D thanks and thanks to ur mom for watching!

Ayuni said...

wow, this blog is really awesome, can you teach me English? i found another interesting Malaysian English blog!

نور توفيقة ادريس said...
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N said...

HAHAHA imma be yet another person yang comment on your video here (gila zalim, tak meletakkan benda di tempat yang sepatutnya, but s'only because i'm suspicious of ytube). anyway kudos dude! i was going bonkers with how semuorg seems to be using 'jew' instead of 'je' like there was one orang saying "bawak jew" on my cousin's wall and i was all WHAT BAWAK YAHUDI WHAAAT =________="

word(!) on the whole thing about how you're supposed to be shortening the words rather than adding more letters, except to make a point id est the usage of multiple a-s in LAAAAAAAAAAAAAME.

ok tu je bye.


hello anwar hadi @ anak pak man.
correct me if im wrong.
just saw ur vid.
sgt menarik!

u inspire me lah!


Dr Zaira said...

oh my god, this story is so effin sweet!



Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum dik!

i love the way you start your each entry.

just be yourself coz that what makes the world a better place!

peace! (^_^)v

Unknown said...

what?? suddenly they got married?? booo!! ;(

YAYA said...

hallo :)
sgt2 xcted nak bace next entry. HAHA.

btw ur video is awesome n ur cute also. hehe :p

faz_e said...

May peace be upon you too!!!


Anonymous said...

love ur video!n like this entry!haven't heard kedah's dialect for such a long time~oh,i miss home.btw,my brother is in Langkawi too~!(u're from Langkawi right,are u?)

MR. SYAH said...

semua org komen dlm bi.. aku dlm bm jelah.. heheh..
suka tgk video2 kau.. terutama sekali beruang duit..

keep it up bro!
bi kau macam air.. boleh kot aku blaja slow2 dari kau.. hehe..

jia.moin said...

you actually give me hope. going through some of my cousins' fb makes me shudder. the spelling, oh noo. terrible. and i thought all gen y members are like that.
it's good to know my generalization does have some exception.

Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to the next episode (if there's any, but please please another episode please.) since I wanna know how they get married. ;D

maRiena.. said...

hope ur follow me back !

video awak sangat best !

anak pak man said...

Wow, lots of comments. Most I've ever had to reply to at any one time.. :)

Just read my posts, and you'll be okay. :)

Yeah,, itulah.. :)

glad to be of inspiration! :D

thanks! really appreciate that someone actually reads my stories.. :D

waalaikumsalam wbt..
thanks! insyaAllah, i will.. :)

anak pak man said...

well, can't please everyone.. :P

thanks! :D


actually, i live in bedong, but i love langkawi no less! thanks!! :D

mr syah,
hehe, belajar2.. thanks!

anak pak man said...

jia moin,
glad to be able of giving you hope.. :D

min masri,
there'll be future episodes, insyaAllah,, at the time it's kinda hectic.. whenever i get the chance, i'll update it.. :) thanks! appreciate that some people read the posts and not just watch the videos. :)

thanks for the post!!! XD

Shew Sharif said...

woah. u r something dude. hehe.
keep up.
new fan here (hye!) :)

anak pak man said...

the owner of the glove,
which glove now? hehe, kidding. thanks!! :D

sezili's daughter said...

seriusly ,cy ta pndai english
just na ckp ,slalu2 kan update blog . . na bace ,cbb bez . .

Syigim said...

just found out about you today.

i want my sons to speak & write like you! :)

anak pak man said...

insyaAllah, saya update bila free.. :) thanks!

Wow, now that's an honour.. :D thank you!

Aneesah said...

Another one:

"him stuttering like and idiot"

"an idiot" :P

I'm really not a spelling nazi (honest!), but since everything else about the story is great, I thought you might like to perfect it off. :)