Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Haven't Really Blogged Much / Winter Plans

"Called up to listen to the voice of reason, and got the answering machine," Reckless Serenade by Arctic Monkeys.

I've noticed this about a year ago, but I've never really done anything about it. I've either been too busy or too lazy. I'm referring to the fact that I don't really blog anymore.

This not so recent re-realization has made me re-question why I blog in the first place. Then I remember that my initial reason for blogging was to record significant events and thoughts in my life so that I wouldn't just forget it all as time passes me by. Besides practicing my writing, of course.

I haven't been doing that lately. A whole semester in Australia has passed with only 7 blog posts to show for it. And then I wonder what I've done this whole semester. Brilliant. Sigh.

So, from this post on, I vow to myself to blog more frequently (at least once a week) no matter how busy I am or uneventful my week was, I HAVE to think about something to write about. I find that I work harder (and sometimes better) when pushed, so I hope that this push from myself will be a catalyst for some change upon myself.


Now that that's off my chest, I will now list down a few things that I hope to get done during this winter break. And here we go:

1. Continue making videos every weekend (and possibly on non-weekends too if I have the time and will power).
2. Play for New South Wales Malaysian students' Rugby Club in the National Conference Games in Melbourne.
3. Read some books (starting with Kuntum Cinta di Taman Syurga)
4. Attend Winter Gathering 2011 [sorry, no link found]
5. Look for a job, maybe after Winter Gathering.
6. Blog about all of it (except no. 1, of course).

I'm hoping that all that will be accomplished. But I always need to remember that we can plan, but Allah determines. And in anything I do, I need to remember that I'm doing it for Allah, to seek His pleasure.

So here's to an eventful Winter Break!

May peace be upon all of you!



Apis Hilton said...

good vows! i always like your writing

dyanne said...

keep on updating cuz i'll keep on reading.. ^^

Nur Intan Syafinaz said...

Cubalah baca karya2 Hilal Asyraf..He's a good writer and when I start to read, I can't stop reading..hehe

khairul_bariyyah said...

sambung 'by the water' pleaseeee~ :)

Anonymous said...

kuntum cinta di taman syurga; nice?

najwa said...


eh eh,gi winter gathering kat newcastle tu ey?

see you then (ke tak?) :)

anak pak man said...

thanks for reading!

thanks! will do~

InsyaAllah, I'll read one when I get my hands on one.. :)

Yang tu liat sikit.. hehe, insyaAllah, bila kemalasan terhakis, akan ditulis..

lets u into the world of a Future Teacher and da'ie.. :)

erm, tak jadi pergi kut.. :(