Saturday, July 16, 2011

Picture Post: Digi WWWOW Awards

"Gantikan hasrat untuk berhenti dengan cuba bersyukur keatas semua yang engkau ada," Dihatiku by Boy.

The Gang before entering the theatre.

Me not doing the best of jobs not looking nervous.

Our host for the night: Baki Zainal.
Hope I can speak as fluently and be as calm on stage as he is someday. Bi ithnillah.

Aizat and his band being awesome performing Sungai Lui.

Me not knowing what to say in front of Juliana Evans (not to mention 400 other people).

Bo Amir Iqram and his guitar, putting us all in a trance-like state.
One of the most under-rated singer-songwriters in Malaysia, to me.

Me shaking hands with said under-rated artiste.

Me speaking into a spotlight. A very expensive one, I might add. *smug

Some awesome planking action, for all to see. Even Nemesis joined in the action.

Some reluctant posers.

Everyone with a glass thumbs-up.

With the Gang again.

With Mak & Bapak.

My favourite picture of the bunch. (Yeah, I is a vain dude. Boohoo)

All the pictures were stolen from my cousin, Abang Iqwan. Thanks Abang Iqwan!!

Thanks again to everyone who voted. I love all of you, and if you see me anywhere, please don't hesitate to say "Hi!".

May peace be upon all of you.



Nasyha said...

assalamualaikum !
nice pictures .
tahniah in advance :)

Daktechic said...

alhamdulillah,.yeay! c0ngrats^-^

MissButterfly said...

Berkat doa mak bapak kan =)

Unknown said...

great job bro~

symimishkri said...

congratz bro! alhamdulillah :) love the last pic too! :D

never imitate. create. said...

(^_________^) nice.. be grateful. jgn lupa, suma ni Dia yg bg. isnt it?

Efa Nur said...

Alhamdulillah..TAHNiah ya.. :)


Maryam Kamal said...

it should be 'bi iznillah' kan? sorry, meant no harm.

by the way, congratulations again brai! :)

specsy said...

congratulations bro! :D

Unknown said...

bagi komen tentang post neh..

_aliahwafa_ said...


btw pic yg nervous tu mcm budak2. haha :D

Muntos said...

suka gilak smua gambar uh! :/D

Nazrul Ashraff said...

congrate anwar hadi! haha. first time tgk ur vid is yang ewwwww tu. tu pun cik epal yang kenal kan.. heh.. btw, good luck untuk masa hadapan.

btw, kita ada sama interest. reading hlovate's. lalala

Cipina said...


Anonymous said...


ViSiTmE@FaTiN CoRnEr said...


sue perbs.. said...

tahniah... semoga berjaya lagi dan lagi

Amira Fariha said...

congrats bro. :)

Nightroad said...

Congratz bro....Mabruk!

Second Picture - ~LIKE~

wOrLdOfsEcReTwHisPer said...

congrats nwar, hahaha..
ok, lepas ni baru waa mintak sign
;p wahahaha..

pemburu.cinta.ILLAHI said...

pakcik azman, anda hensem!

*x kenal,tp tertarik ;p*

Hanhanz said...

congrates anwar hadi! :D

Cikgu AL said...


Unknown said...

Salam buddy,
You're really amazing,
Im truly ur die-hrad fan.
Wanna be like u someday..
If u free please visit my blog

Anonymous said...

hope it's not too late to say, "congratulaton!" (: since you in Kedah right now, enjoy your cuti and good luck in the future, insyaAllah..

Farah Ziera said...

woww congrat!!! u meet BoAmirIqram!!! i really love his song!!! he was awesome guy for me!!!

Amanie Khairunnisa said...

congrats anwarhadi ! wow your mum looks young :)

khyrule_anuar said...

lol..hank neh bdk iskandar dulu kan?? tahniah weh.. gud job..

A Little Thought Of My Mind said...

Tahniah jugak la.. :)

songforthelover said...

apak yg ensem.