Monday, September 19, 2011

Me Schedule-ing

"Oh, it seems that you know me better than I know myself," Animal by The Answering Machine.

So this semester has been as busy as ever. I have found myself behind on my studies constantly throughout this semester, and we're already halfway. Explains why I haven't been able to make any videos or update my blog. But I'm not feeling too bad about that. My studies have and should always come before my hobbies. Especially when you're sponsored by your nation to do exactly that (study), ay?

Right now it's spring break, so I have 2 weeks to get back up to speed on everything. And maybe some rest, deserved or nay. 

Thinking about future videos, I don't think they'll be as elaborate as some of my recent ones. There'll be more just-me-talking-in-front-of-the-camera-about-current-stuff-type videos, me thinks. A more Phillip De Franco approach, if you will. Having said that, I still have two videos that have been on my "to-edit" list since a long time, so they'll be given priority. Then after that, I think it'll be a more laid back IniAnwarHadi. More speaking exercises (the initial reason for me talking in front of the camera) than PSAs.

Regarding the blog, I think I really should be writing more often. I don't want to forget all these things that are happening in my life in this foreign land right now, and a way for me to remind myself of all the stuff that are happening in my life in this foreign land right now is by writing it all down. I think I should make a bigger deal of that from now on. I'll put "update blog" in the schedule that I'll be drawing up soon to avoid me from going astray.

Living over here, we experience a new kind of freedom. No one tells us what to do. The general attitude of the lecturers over here is "I recommend that you do that mate, but if you don't want to, then no worries mate." Our friends lagila, they can't force us to do anything. And they don't. So self-discipline is of the utmost importance. In an effort to manage myself, I will draw up a schedule. I should try to be as hard on myself as I can, so that I don't waste any time, but we'll just have to see how I balance between work and play.

So the very next things that are in my "to-do" list are:
- edit/publish those videos.
- draw up a schedule that will include, but are not limited to:
     - updating blog (weekly)
     - reading all the weekly readings
     - 15-minute guitar-ing (daily)
     - specific times to address assignments (almost daily)
     - half an hour to read the online newspapers (daily)
- I've run out of things to say.

So hopefully these won't be just omong kosong. I really want to put all these things in action. See y'all at a later day.

May peace and blessings be upon you.


p/s- there's something about this post that is unique/peculiar/interesting/not really. Let's see who can spot it. The first comment-er to provide the right answer will get a shout-out in Twitter (some reward, huh? So lame..)


Aiza Hamid said...

saya pun busy juga di semester ni. tapi alhamdullilah masih punyai waktu utk keluraga & diri =)

fuzzyskuzzy said...

may peace be upon you, n now its may peace AND BLESSINGS be upon you :D kan kan kan :p i deserved a shout out. lol

lisa min said...

mungkin perkataan 'lagila'. hehe..

betul tu, selagi mampu cuba untuk tulis apa yang berlaku dalam hidup sehari hari. even saya bukan belajar di negara orang. hehe..

Pa Azna said...

lagila & omong kosong kot..agak2 ja.. =)

Nazrul Ashraff said...

istiqamah itu perlu. heh.

Chik Ida said...

Buat jer yang terbaik & termampu..
erm something y unik..mayb sbb entry kali cam sdey jer..huhu..btol ke?

The Expecto Pectronum said...

assalamualaikum..yeahh..same with me..quite busy..

ape yg unik dlm post ni..mungkin banyak 'dash'(-) kot like schedule-ing,comment-er..& others..=D

Unknown said...

there u are..
alhamdulillah that everything is fine but i miss ur video..ahaxx
yes..disiplin 2 sangat2 aa point klo buat schedule tp liat nk best of luck bro :)

LynnAiza said...

yeah! macam biasa, 'to-do' list tu benda wajib tiap2 org. just buat atau tak je kan ? :)

anyway, anuaqqq keep update blog! ur blog ni mcm inspirasi jugak tahuu.hihi.

unik ? pkataan 'lagila' tu kot. :P

::FAIZ:: said...

take Care

eNdY said...

the green color words with double line izit?

syazwiena khan said...

" My studies have and should always come before my hobbies. "

i wish i can do same as u :)

Cikgu AL said...

xnmpk benda pelik pung..

guidance? said...

and yet, the thing(s) in this post that is (are) unique/peculiar/interesting/not really to me might not be as unique/peculiar/interesting/not really to you and vice versa :)

this post is unique enough.

suka part 'Especially when you're sponsored by your nation to do exactly that (study), ay?'
sebab ramai lupa yg kita ni pakai duit hasil titik peluh rakyat nak mai sini (oversea). n yet sedih bila tgk some of us abuse duit tu pi joli katak :( amanah kan. thanx 4 the reminder

anak pak man said...

alhamdulillah.. :)

not quite, but good try.. :)

lisa min,
not quite.. saya ada ja guna bahasa Melayu sini sana.. :)
tp itulah, ganti diari, so to speak.. :)

pa azna,
good try, but please try again.. :)

ya betul.. :)

ya, saya akan cuba.. :)
nope, tak la sedih ngat.. :)

waalaikumussalam wbt.. eh, banyak ja saya guna dash sebelum ni.. :)

cik bit,
true dat.. kena disiplin.. perlu beli rotan utk diri sendiri ntah? :P

yep, a plan without action is a waste.. :)
and maaf, jawapan itu kurang tepat.. :)

thanks.. :)

dalam beberapa post saya sebelum ni pun ada muncul, saya tak tahu kenapa..

you can even be better if you set your heart to it.. :)

cikgu al,
adaaaaaa... cariiiiii lagiiiii.. :)

no worries.. i need to remind myself of that constantly too.. it's too easy to forget, to think that we have every right to do whatever we want with the time and money given to us.. :)

The Athletic Economist said...

my guess; you use IniAnwarHadi utk kata ganti diri.

Mopane Worm said...

guess: no video and not even a photo?
just sayin :)
btw, the article is impressive. a good one. and refreshing!

pemburu.cinta.ILLAHI said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Eh why meh u got 2 weeks of spring break?? unjust as ever

pemburu.cinta.ILLAHI said...

sebab rasa bosan,so nak teka jugak.kat post ni ade mnggunakan aussie words i think. *words ek?ke dialects?malas nak pikir.*i spot 'nay' and 'ay',x pnh tgk sblm ni.hoho. betul ke?okeh,tah pape punye idea.haha. ^^

kucing lompat said...

"I recommend that you do that mate, but if you don't want to, then no worries mate." --agak2 ja..=D

Nur said...

Hi Anak Azman ! I know this post has been three years (kantoi stalk heh ) but, I think, the peculiar/unique thing about this post is, the post itself.

In the first paragraph, you wrote that your "studies have and should always come before your hobbies,

but for the next paragraphs, all you wrote about was your hobbies and "to study" is not in the to-do-list.

Nomsain ? I just don't get it man. Haha.