Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rendang Tak Jadi

"Terkenang daku kepada si dia," Dendang Perantau by P. Ramlee.

Because this video wasn't posted on my channel, I thought I might as well post it on my blog, for keepsake. And here it is:

So we shot this about a week ago, at a friend's apartment (which friend, I'm not entitled to disclose). This video was a tough one to make. For starters, we had to push back shooting it for a couple of weeks because of the tightness of everyone's schedule. And did I mention that we drafted a different idea first, only to  come to the conclusion that it was very impractical 5 days later, thus coming up with this one? And I wasn't one of the ones responsible for thinking up this video. The producers are the ones who deserve that praise. Me, I just edited. And directed. A little bit. The less-than-five-minute video took hours to shoot (5, maybe? I don't remember). That's the thing when you're an amateur video-maker. You aren't very efficient. At least, I wasn't. I didn't know how to shoot the shots, what to include, what to exclude, at which angles I should approach the shots, what was good, what wasn't, what to shoot first and last. 

Even though it was a tough video to make, it was a fun one to make too. Making videos on your own and with friends is just different. You get to bounce ideas off of each other, ask for help and have a good laugh. The hours passed by swiftly. That you can be sure of. Great, great fun. Plus, it was an awesome learning experience for me, and I'm sure it was for all of my friends too. Any upcoming videos from us will definitely reflect all the things that we've learned. (Now that I've thought about it, a post-mortem session wouldn't be a bad idea at all)

So it was hard, but fun. Time-consuming, but laughter-filled. Tough, but memorable. We hope that viewers of the video gained as much of a lesson as we learned through making it. 

May peace and blessings be upon you.



mar chan said...

i'm the 1st to comment here? yeahh~~~ nice one. :)

Pa Azna said...

setuju.saya buat video untuk clas arab shja makan masa 3 jam.Itupun just for one scene..oh..that is really me..

Nazrul Ashraff said...

hoho. coolio. but not ur best la. but still coolio!

Aiman Azlan said...

Looks like you had fun :)

Hello Aai said...

greaattt it..huhu still in raya mood..lapa rendang la pulak...<3 <3 <3

anak pak man said...

mar chan,
thanks! :)

pa azna,
i trust u.. :)


yeah, we did.. :)

thanks! sila masak sendiri.. jangan lupa soghai dan koghisek ye? hehe

nurulnadiaroslan said...

sebak la pulak. walaupun study kat malaysia ja.

IqbalHakim said...

looks like all of your effort paid off.. hahahaha..

biasa la.. cabaran buat video dengan kawan.. idea belambak..

penat dan keletihan tue tolak ketepi..

bila dah siap.. puas hati..

sampai anak cucu tengok nanti pun x kering gusi.. hehehe...

Unknown said...

salam 1 anda telah di pautkan untuk blog saya.saya harap anda pautkan blog saya...

terima kasih

penulis Badut Rakyat

anak pak man said...


terima kasih untuk pantun empat kerat itu! :D