Thursday, December 8, 2011

Goodbye Cohort 1

"I wish nothing but the best for you," Someone Like You by Adele.

With the end of the exams also comes the end of the semester, marking the end of a schooling term. We say goodbye (for a while) to lectures, classes, assignments, weekly readings and all the things that makes university what it is.

However, the end of this semester in particular is of exceptional significance to me because it also marks the end of my seniors' (Cohort 1) 2-year stint here in Macquarie University, meaning that they have to go back to Malaysia and complete their remaining 1 year of teacher training, and that makes me very sad.

You see, they were not just my seniors. They were also my friends, football teammates, guiders, and some of them my housemates. They were a big part of my life here in Australia, as I imagine they were for most (if not all) of the people in my cohort (Cohort 2).

 Sending Amir off. (From left: Azlan, Amir, Shariman & me.)

It's very saddening to have the people who have taught you how to cook, people who you watch movies with, people who guide you in your studies, people who have taken you around a foreign land, people who have invited you into their family as if you were part of theirs, people who you joke around with, people who you share stories with, people who you go out for a late night snack with go far away from you without the prospect of you ever seeing them again after this. When we get back to Malaysia, they would have already finished their studies and should be waiting to be placed in schools already, so seeing them again as students, not looking very likely. 

Goodbye Faiz, Farid, Pidi. (The rest are the sendoff team)

Last meal with Hilmi in Sydney.

Our friendships have come to teach me a deeper understanding of brotherhood in Islam. They have taught me to always respect others and that I am not alone in this world. I will always have people who I can turn to for help and advice. Always willing to help, they are. They will always have a special place in my heart.



I praise Allah for bringing them into my life. I honestly would not know how I would have survived without them. And I can only hope that the almost-one-year experience with them was as sweet to them as it was to me. I pray them the best in this world and the next. May they bring goodness to wherever they may go.

May peace and blessings be upon you.


Putryy Nasuha said...

May peace and blessing be upon you too anwar hadi and friends :)

Maicher said...

nothing last forever.
this post is indeed saddens me that it made me remind of my old frens.

farasye said...

well everything that meets,,,must be seperated at last..

lisa min said...

betapa berharganya persahabatan yang terjalin.. =)

so Atirah said...

pernah rasa jugak mcm ni..wlaupun xduk overseas heheeh

Apis Hilton said...

you are such a good friend,, being with some people for quite sometime definitely leave big impact on us when they left .

sab said...

well, sometimes it's sad to berpisah dengan kwan. as for me, i still kecik, tak pegi overseas. tapi masa masuk asrama menangis gila2. haha. everyone ada memories sendiri dgn kwn. Yg penting, sentiasa ingat dorg. jangan jadi kacang lupakan kulit!

AimanNurAdlina said...

It's what between the two salams that matters ;D

Primadona said...

Pertemuan dan perpisahan itu adalah lumrah kehidupan.Tanpa pertemuan pasti tidak akan adanya perpisahan.Dan sebuah perpisahan sebenarnya membuka peluang kepada sebuah pertemuan yang lain.

Peace be upon to you and your friends too =)

Anonymous said...

:) indahnya bersahabat kerana Allah~

anak pak man said...

thanks.. :)



lisa min,
sangat.. :)

xperlu dok oversea utk bersahabat.. :)

thanks.. true.. :)


ya, harapnya tidaklah.. :)

yep.. :)

truth.. :)

indah benar.. :)

min comel :) said...

welcome back to Malaysia ! :)