Thursday, December 22, 2011

KL and Melaka-ing Around

"Detik itu lalu meninggalkanku," Oh My Love by Awan Band.

So I just got back from Malaysia a couple of days back, so instead of wasting my time looking for stuff to write stupid comments on Facebook, I will update this blog with some of the stuffs that I did the whole 5 days that I was there. So if you guys actually wanted to read something interesting, go read Cinta SMS instead. Here goes..

Day 1 - 16 December

Touched down in KLIA at about 9.30pm (if I remember correctly). Took the ERL to Sentral to meet up with my family. Had dinner with them near Pudu and at about 11.30pm, AG (Hujan) picked us (my little brother, Boi and me) up to go play a weekly futsal league called Liga Ulama' (The Ulama League) at Subang.

Ai is not in dis pikcher.

We played until 2.30am, with me scoring 3 goals in 5 games (two of them against AG's team). My teammates were Boi, another Boy, Zul and Alif (all three I just met there). They were great. Then AG sent us back to our hotel and we slept like logs.

Day 2 - 17 December

Alhamdulillah, I got up that day and went down for breakfast at about 9am. Mat Luthfi and his father came and joined us for breakfast as well as a little chat.


After breakfast, we chilled in our hotel room for a bit before proceeding to have lunch. My father organized a little feast for friends and family at the Chicken Hut at The Mall. There I got to meet up with some cousins, aunts, uncles, friends as well as make some new friends. 

Some of the sights at Chicken Hut.

The little kenduri ended at about 6.30pm. Then my entourage of friends and cousins took off to Morning Rocket which was situated in Cheras, KL for a little shopping as well as a visit to Kamar Seni (AG's recording studio) which was situated just above Morning Rocket. Got myself a pair of shoes as well as a shirt (woots!). Unfortunately, no pictures were taken there.

Then I went to meet up with the family back at Midvalley Megamall. Then, off to rehearsals for tomorrow's event at Dewan Tun Razak 2, PWTC. Got to shake hands with Dato' Affendy (the creator of 1MalaysiaTV), Ahmad Idham and Cat Farish. Again, no pictures. The rehearsals ended at 2am.

Day 3 - 18 December

The day of the launch of 1 Malaysia TV. After breakfast, we went down to the hall and shook hands with a few people. Took some pictures and signed a few autographs.

Then I went up on stage to fail at speaking for 30 seconds in front of a few hundred people, not to mention the Prime Minister of Malaysia. *facepalm

Me (sort of) speaking.

Yeah, he was there.

Then we continued taking pictures and signing autographs until Mat had to leave at about 5pm. Had a good time with him as company. Crazy, he is.

 Mat & me.

 Ully, Awan Band's guitarist.

 Najwa Latif performing.

Me with Awan Band and Awi Rafael.

After dinner, we set off for Melaka. Checked into a hotel there and slept in anticipation for the next day.

Day 4 - 19th December

After breakfast, we went to my aunt's house for a visit and stayed for lunch. Then we headed to Dataran Pahlawan to join Cat Farish and crew for some 1 Malaysia TV promotional efforts.

 Me wearing my new Morning Rocket shirt with Aunts, Uncle and cousins.

Me with Cat merapu apa taktaw.

The turnout wasn't that high. The people that came were mostly people who happened to be shopping nearby. But some did come up to me and ask for a picture, so that was nice. 

Alang-alang you guys are reading this, if you have a mobile device (Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy tab, etc.), try browsing "" and download the application. If that's too much of a hassle, go straight to your app store and search "1 Malaysia TV". It's free (hooray!). It's an app that allows you to stream Malaysian TV channels like RTM1, TV3, TV al-Hijrah, etc. wherever you are in the world for no extra charge. It'll only use up internet, so watching using wifi is highly recommended. Support the Malaysian mobile TV industry!

Okay, iklan habis.

After wrapping that up, we went for dinner and then went back to the hotel to sleep. Early day tomorrow.

Day 5 - 20 December

On the road by 5.30am for KLIA. Nothing to highlight on this day. Just getting on a plane back to Sydney.


So that wraps it up for the whole 5 days. It was exhausting, but definitely a lot of fun getting to make so many new friends as well as meeting up with old friends. Experiencing something totally new. All in the process of growing up. I ask Allah for guidance towards the straight path.

I wasn't kidding about asking you guys to support the Malaysian mobile TV industry. Please do. Plus, it's free, so it's not as if you lose anything from supporting. Orang Melayu kata, bukan rugi apa pun. It's really convenient, especially for an overseas student like myself who wants to catch up on what's happening back home. Paihni bleh la layan Tentang Dhia sniri daripada dok baca tweet ja. Eh? Dah habih dah ka? Alaa..

A big thank you goes out to everyone that made all that you have read possible. My family (especially Bapak), Cat Farish and crew, AG, Mat, friends that came to meet me and hang out, the people at erama, and everyone else that I may have left out. THANK YOU! May Allah bless you all.

May peace and blessings be upon you.



The Damsel said...

teringin nk jmpe anwar hadi n matluthfi :)

Unknown said...

wow! interesting.. lau aku la jd cam nie.. memang da full fill la impian ak :).. by da way..thumb up ak bg kat ang n x lupa kat matlufthi sama..dua2 terbaik :)

Cik Suhaila said...

ahh,nak jumpe anwar hadi ngn matluthfi !!:D hihi..korg punye video sumpah best ^^

Mohd Rafie Izwan said...

untonglarr jalan2... i need to recuperate my mind for a few days just to know how hard it is to forget all the past....merely because of my exam entrance exam, IELTS and uwarhhhhhhhhhh...sem 2 will be start on 2 more weeks more...i'm screwed...

Nana said...

hope we'll meet again :D
and OMGEEE , I see myself in one of the pitchaa ! HAHA

Suraya Aris said...

when is my chance to meet you =)

Izzah said...

OMG Matluthfi in the house!!!!

~penat seh baca aktivi sepanjang di confirm berbaloi2 kan~

Best of luck bro!

IqbalHakim said...

teringin benar nak jumpa anda Mr. Anwar Hadi.. Hehehe..
but good effort on promoting 1 Malaysia Youth TV.. mostly my friend take their chances meeting you..

anyways, good luck in finishing your degrees.. and can't wait for your next video..

coz i'm a kipas-susah-mati.. hahaha..


Farah Amira said...

you guys(include MAT) , are there(pwtc) for both days?homaiii...

Wiah Nazian said...

tak sempat nk gi dataran..tau tau da abis..ahak !

Ifah said...

i like both of you anwar hadi & mat luthfi...!

meonism said...

bila nak buat video baru bro anwat? rindu dah ni

zeyqa said...

bestnyee dpt lepak2 ngn family kan. hehee. teringin kut nk jmpe anak pak man ni.bestlaa video + blog abg. i'm your big fan! may Allah bless u anwar hadi! ;D

Teha said...

bila nak post video baru? mehehehe :3

atenmunirah said...

mahu video baru.:)

Faiqah Umaira said...

hmmm, i was in malacca last week.. eh, penatnya balik malaysia 5 hari je pastu kena pergi sana sini

.ShazaSulaiman. said...

matluthfi's face..alwayss..haha :DD

|sarahanis said...

ok malaysia ada chicken hut. =)

zey said...

i was there at PWTC.. and anuar, u r so0o0o kewl....!! mmmm... tp mat luthfi cam pemalu skit i guess... hik!

Anonymous said...

anak pak man,matluthfi ada blog tak?

adib sho said...

u guys are so talented....guess what???i hope that u guys can be an artist or director or bla..bla..bla...(somedays)thats all...AMIN

AqillaSharif said...

i met mat luthfi on 24th december at kenduri kahwin, shah alam! hewhew :3 but sgt sedih tak dpt amek gmbar bcause dia tgh mkn time tu and after makan dia terus balek mcm tu je T_T

i hope that i'll meet you (anwarHadi) after this :)tak kesah la on kenduri kawen pon, haha. dapat snap sekeping gambar pon okay la :p


the last part about DHIA thing is go it..keep vloging i love anwarhadi n matlufti.. loking forward to see both video

Unknown said...

der en anuar,,hambo nk tnye for somting yg agk personal,,mcm mne anda boley handle sume ini tnpa mnghadapi sebrg permasalahn???
sy sedng mncari jawapn dr sume pihak..tq

pape pon ur vblog n blog very intrested~ :)
keep it up~

Aina said...

i'm curious. does all youtubers just happen to know each other like you guys some sort of relatives ? even nigahiga and kevjumaba and the rest of other youtubers i could name always collaborates..

that's really awesome.

ps. refor