Friday, January 27, 2012

Boy Mai & Kerja

"Centottantamille, trecento quaranta cinque sogni,"Di Vino by Marta Sui Tubi.

MashaAllah, I find myself awake again in the wee hours of the morning. And so with no notifications coming up on Fussbook and lacking the motivation to think of something witty to tweet about, I decide to venture into writing my first blogpost of 2012.

So many things have happened within the last month, almost all of them interesting. But for the sake of keeping this post short and sweet, I'll just update some things that are going on right now.

I've been working as a filler at Franklin's for approximately two months now. In my latest video (#19 Salam) I wore my work uniform. Just the name-tag is missing. Oh, and proper pants. But that scene didn't require any. So kain pelekat sudeh. Muehehe

I usually wear kain pelekat when making videos. I'm more relaxed that way. Only when it is absolutely necessary do I wear pants around the house. But I digress.

My brother, Boy arrived here two weeks ago. Most of my free time has been filled by taking him around Sydney. Up until now, I've taken him everywhere that I have been to in Sydney and also to some places that I have never been, like Bondi beach and La Perouse. He'll be staying here until the second of February, inshaAllah, so we have another week to spend. But now I have no idea where I should take him to next. Suggestions, good people of Sydney blogspot?

So yeah, those two are the major things that are happening right now. InshaAllah, when I muster the will to upload pictures of the happenings within this month up in here, it will be done promptly. 

And I have also downloaded the blogspot app in the phone, so I expect myself to update more with the help of that app. Basically anything that is above 140 characters (untweetable content) will be uploaded using the app, inshaAllah.

So may peace be upon you.



sad writer said...

suka. english awk superb mcm superman batman spidermen n so fall la. hehe.

Anonymous said...

may peace be upon you...

Unknown said...


hang mmg terbaik...

ikhwaniey said...

why don't u post pictures of u and u're brother touring around sydney

ViSiTmE@FaTiN CoRnEr said...

work hard! said...

how nice take a tour it..:)

Nazrul Ashraff said...

tour~~~ macam contengan jalanan pulak.. hehehe.

anak pak man said...

Sesungguhnya saya hanya seekor kerengga kecil dalam kalangan burung enggang yang kelaparan..

and upon you too..

fathul khair,

cucu tun teja,
ada dah tu...