Sunday, February 26, 2012

Melbourne-ing Around (Day 2)

"I'm feeling out of bounds, out of bounds," Adolescents by Incubus.

20 Feb

So we woke up early the next day and set off to the local DFO for the girls to indulge in a little shoppage. As for me, well..

I went surfing.

Spent about 3 hours there, since the lure of wall-climbing was too enticing for them to pass up. Unfortunately, I wasn't wearing shoes, so I couldn't join the climb. I had to settle with just surfing.

Then we took off to our real destination for the day, Phillip Island. After a little less than two hours of driving, alhamdulillah, we got there in one piece.

Yep, I was there.

So after a quick stop at the information centre (both to acquire information and to excrete excrements), we proceeded to Churchill Island (a smaller island near the island) to catch some farming action at the heritage farm.

 Sheep shearing.

 Water extraction was hard in the old days. Making faces was necessary.

 The views are good too.

Then we proceeded to the Koala Conservation Centre. We were fortunate enough to arrive forty minutes before the centre closed.
Koala conversation centre.

 Where koalas, well, sleep.

 That, ladies and gentlemen, is a wallaby.

 It's pretty rare that you meet koalas that are so down to earth.

 Shooting koalas.

Then we proceeded to see the penguin parade (this is what Phillip Island was primarily famous for). Cameras weren't allowed inside, so we settled with pictures outside the parade centre.

(Get it? Manikins? Penguin.. Oh nevermind)

The price chart outside the centre.

Then we drove back to the Metro YHA, rested up for the adventures that still lay ahead.

That will be updated next time. I don't like reading long-posts, especially if they're of the low-quality-that-is-me kind. 2 more days to blog about. Just bear with me for two more posts. Please?

May peace be upon you.



... said...

awesome! nak pesan Koala 1... :D

fariha said...

artic monkeys!!! my fav band.. wohohoho. kite satu gang!!

Nuyu said...

beshnya!!!Msia n Melbourne....yg mn best ag???jwb2...huhu...(^________^)

Anonymous said...

salam alayk~ wohoo.. subhanallah.. amat osem!! ini beza muslim & non muslim bila melihat kebesaran alam.. ALLAHUAKBAR!! macam dalam kalamNYA [QS 3:190-191] wallahualam.. barakallahufik

fuzzyskuzzy said...

tediaaa anak azman sakan na jalan! :p tapi surfing tu pasai pa gmbaq katun? hehehe. tuleh la panjang2 lagi pon takpa..kami baca ja :):)

ikhwaniey said...

syoknyeeeeee jalan-jalan.....

Hanamiko Sakura said...

bestnye jalan ^^