Thursday, February 2, 2012

Picture Post: December & January 2012

"Pejamkan matamu untukku," Sungai Lui by Aizat Amdan.

So this is the picture post I promised. CHECK IT!!


So on the 26th of December it was my first and possibly only Boxing Day in Sydney, Australia. Google it if you don't know what that is. 

Shot bajet stai.

 The line outside Louis Vuitton. Pretty much sums it up.

It was also my first and possibly only new year's celebration here.

 Some have waited at their spot overnight just to get a good sight of the firework display.

 Le watermark.

Le me and le friends. (Pic courtesy of Bagan)

(Courtesy of Bagan)

Boy came over for a 3-week visit, so I took him to a few places.

He got me a present. Awww.

 He wanted to go to a skatepark, but didn't have a helmet, so picture only.

 Boy being better looking than me in front of the Opera House.

 Me floating for no apparent reason.

 Le Bondi Beach.

 Le La Perouse blowing me away.

Le pose.


So I guess that's all for now. Don't want to get draggy now, do we?

May peace be upon you.



Amilah Muhammad said...

wow. jejak tanah sampai ke syurga kangaru (Y)

capt. keon alhan said...

anak pakcik azman lompat pun dah cam kangaru dah sy tengok...hehe

laskar pelangi said...

comelnyeeee dia lompat lompat:)

Nuyu said...
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Nuyu said...

hamboiiiii.....tgg noe dok loncat cam g2.....huhu..nice pictrs act!!!!awesome!!!(^__________^)

FiQa said...

lame giler tunggu blog ni update...



mangsibersamajabatanku said...

jauh berjalan

anak pak man said...

tapi jumpak kanggaru dalam zoo ja..

capt. keon,
sungguh kacak kanggaru tersebut,.

mana ada.. :3


makaseh tunggu..

boleh tahan..