Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Three Sugars?

"I hear you on the radio," Megalomaniac by Incubus.

So i'm at the library cafe, with no que in sight, i fancy myself a cup of mocha, so I go up to the counter to order myself a cup.

"Hey, how ya goin'?" greeted the girl behind the till cheerfully.

"Good, thanks," the normal response. "Regular mocha please. With three sugars please."

"Three sugars?" the girl said while making a face that might have suggested that she was actually saying "are ya crazy mate!?" while never actually making eye contact with me.

I only stood there, making a poker face on the outside while going "DON'T JUDGE MEEEE!!!!" on the inside.

The end.

May peace be upon you.



IqbalHakim said...

whaat?? said the girl..

oh well.. 4 sugars for me then..


hehehe.. just trolling around.. = )

Aina said...

i think my case is worse.

i don't eat vegetables. i might sound like a 5yo kid, but true story. and everytime i ordered subway sandwiches (before i came to know it's not halal) come the time when they asked which veggies to put on, i stand there with a straight face or sometimes with a happy face like i don't give a care, and said, no veggies, just mayo.

some of em' even laugh, and smirked like if you don't eat veggies, why on earth are you here.

and that, is more embarrassing.

perhaps that would make you feel better about yourself and not fret over it too much ;)

The Athletic Economist said...

Lol kalau dah darah kelantan, kacuk pun still kelantan; manis~