Friday, May 25, 2012

Ensemble So Far

"It's a tempting communion," Night After Night by Laura Marling.

So following up on my previous post, I just thought I'd post a picture of the instruments I have at my disposal so far.

None were priced over $50. For that, I give myself a high-five. The oldest one would be the ukulele, which I bought a year ago, while the newest addition to the ensemble would be the angel glockenspiel (xylophone), which I bought yesterday. 

I haven't even got an amplifier for the Ibanez-wannabe yet. But rest assured it'll be on a strict $50 budget. Then we'll officially be in business.

But I haven't played the ukulele in so long, I've forgotten the chord fingering. And I still have no idea how to play the keys and xylophone.

Oh well, the holidays are approaching, so Youtube-teachers will be my good friends very soon.

May peace be upon you.



Ilyana Fauzy said...

Why you no sell when I was there?! *maki-maki*

Antara said...

Y U no sell (to me) when i'm still here!? *siku-siku*

Nazrul Ashraff said...

hohohoh.. kumpul banyak2!! * x mampu nak cakap inggelis* kekeke

Shaheir said...

Looking forward!

anak pak man said...

tak sell. belli.

aduh, sakit kena siku.

akan tengok camana dulu..

still waiting!