Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I am Man?

"Walaupun sejengkal," Keroncong Untuk Ana 2012 by AG & Co feat Noh Hujan.

So it was my birthday a few days back. I am apparently 22 years old, if you subscribe to the Gregorian calendar. I have very little idea of how old I am according to the Hijrah calendar, and I'm in no state to Google it.

2012 has been a year of many things, but one of the firsts would be being called a "man" by other people, particularly strangers who come to the store in which I work in. They would say to their friends or kids (or vice versa) "try asking that man over there," and I would conceal a giggle and a blush upon realising that they were referring to me. Needless to say, I took it lightly.

But now that I've turned 22, I have to ask that very serious question. Am I a man? My father got married when he was my age. Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh conquered countries when he was around my age. What do I have to show for myself? What makes me a man? Am I a man?

22 years old. So old. Yet, still so young. So much yet to do, so little to show for myself. If I've been a disappointment to anyone, it would be to myself more than anyone else.

But what does one do when one is down? What one can do. Get up. Crawl, if one has to. One needs to. For themselves. For the love of God.

May peace be upon you.



khairul_bariyyah said...

i have d same birthday as yours
26th july 1990 = 03 muharram 1411
still 22 years young

may peace be upon u! :)

che ANIS™ said...

happy belated birthday

AR said...

Oh it's your birthday? Happy belated birthday Anwar Hadi :) May all your wishes come true~

ikhwaniey said...

22 years old, still have a long way to go, insyaallah....good luck in anything you do....

CiCiMaRu said...

u is not a man but u r lelaki....hahaha follow me at

Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday!