Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kain Telekong Tesco

"Why don't we break the rules already?" Some Nights by Fun.

So I just noticed that I didn't post anything in February. Now my 2013 archives won't look pretty. Boohoo ;_;

So here's a story:

I was in my car, getting out of the maktab gates with some friends, when, while signing out, another friend of mine, let's call her Maddy, was also signing out. We asked her where she was going, and she said Tesco, so since we were going there anyway and there was still space in the car, I asked if she wanted a lift. She accepted.

She was carrying a bag, so I asked her what was in the bag.

"Maddy, ada apa dalam beg?"

"Kain telekong."

"Hang nak pi juai ka apa?"

"Dak aih. Saja amek kain telekong had ada kat surau Tesco tu bawak balik basuh. Ni nak bagi balik ah."

"Aik? Awat hang pi basuh plak?"

"La, biaq pi kat aku la nak buat apa pun!"

The end.

There are always ways to make the world a better place. And those ways don't have to be extravagant or big scale. Something as little as picking up a piece of plastic on the sidewalk and putting it into a nearby garbage can. Or moving a rock from the road. Or seeing that the prayer garments in a surau you frequent are dirty/smelly, and washing some. Or smiling to a stranger. It improves not only our own lives, but also others'.

There are an excess of opportunities to do good in the world and make it a better place. We just have to look.

May peace be upon you.



Zee said...

Im practicing to smile at strangers and masyaAllah the feeling is awesome.
Live life till the fullest!


mademoiselle tq said...

I know that 'Maddy'! Haha apasal jadi Maddy, bunyi macam McD dah. -_-

By the way she told me that it's called 'The Telekung Project'. If you want you can just google it to find out more.


Anonymous said...

Even a little tiny of kindness is being watch by Allah kan =)

pAri-ParI tErbAng tiNgGi said...

buat baik dalam pelbagai cara. :)

anak pak man said...

Pasai first, takmaw guna nama betoi pasai tak mintak kebenaran beliau untuk post cerita ni, and second, Maddy tu nama colleague aku kat IGA dulu. hehe. I just googled it. Awesome!

For sure! :)

Pelbagaikan cara buat baik. :)

EdDynNa ♛ said...

thee nice one Maddy ! good girl ! good post ;) terbaikkkkk ! ^^

Atiqah Ivy said...

dulu, sy pernah pakai telekung yg ade lable "the telekung project"
very nice telekung~
rupanya dorg ni bkn stakat pergi mana2 surau & basuhkan telekung..
tp dorg jugak sumbangkan telekung..
alhamdulillah..banyak pahala dorg
bagi sy & org lain pakai telekung yg cantik lagi bersih

IqbalHakim said...

rasanya lelaki pun kena wat gak la.. the kain pelikat project.. pg solat mana-mana shopping complex konpem dah pakai kain pelikat..

bau pun semacam jer.. x yakin la ngan seluar kalau nak solat..

so, leh kot buat projek tue gak.. = D

• C I K G U • S E N I • said...

terbaik la...mcm2 cara kita boleh buat baik kn...xsgka plak smpai cmtu skali..anyway...thniah mmg hebat org2 sprti ni...

CiCiMaRu said...

berehhhh......hahaha... :-p

cik izars said...

baguihnya kawan anak pak man tu!

yeahh wlpn bnd2 kecik yg kita buat and kita rasa "nayy..its nothnig" tp kgkdg amat besar nilainya pada org me!so lets make this world a better place to live :)

Nani said...

people such as maddy never fails to amaze me and ive met plenty of them.there's still hope in this world after all =)

Anonymous said...

good on maddy! :)

as 4 d smiling pt, based on experience, smiling at strangers might cause misunderstanding esp with those frm d opposite sex..not dat im not doing it, but at times, i tend 2 think twice b4 smiling..wat do guys think bout this?

- lipao

kai said...

Bila baca post ni, teringat kejadian 3 tahun yang lepas. Seorang junior berjumpa saya utk makan malam. Dia (seorang perempuan) baru lepas mengalami kemalangan jalanraya.
Dia: Kita rasa kita ada buat salah. Masa solat kat surau hostel tadi nampak telekong ni dah kotor tapi kita tak buat apa.
Saya: Kemudian?
Dia: Sebab tu kita accident selepas solat tadi kowt. Balik ni nak pergi cuci kain telekong tu larh.

Saya umpama "hamna hamna hamna" tak tau nak cakap apa.

Isabelle Fahd said...


Tbh, this is the only entry that satisfy my er... mediocre comprehension. I fear that imho, you speak better than you write. I reckon it's your English standard, I felt like reading Shakespere, feeling lost at the end of the content. In simpler words, your writing is excellent but I have simple vocabulary in store of my braincells that they are unable to decipher your composition. Have a nice day. Good job!